Samsung, Dragon, Kangaroo, Epic

by Jason Keath on May 30, 2012

samsung canada kangaroo unicycle

It is important to have a sense of humor.

So important. Because humor travels and travels fast. (see Old Spice).

And even more important when no one is watching.

When one of Samsung Canada’s customers, Shane, used Facebook’s fan page message feature to reach out and ask for a free phone, he knew the request was a bit of a long shot. So he had a sense of humor, adding an awesome drawing of a dragon to his message for good measure.

And everyone knows, when you get a Facebook message that has a drawing of a dragon, you send back a drawing of a kangaroo on a unicycle.

So of course the customer sent said conversation over to Reddit, where the internet shared it with the world.

Well played Samsung Canada, well played.



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