What Are Your Biggest Social Media Pain Points?

by Jason Keath on Jan 17, 2012
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At Social Fresh our purpose is to help marketers use social media to build better businesses. We do that here on the blog, through our online webinars and Academy, and at our social media conferences.

So my question to you is…

What are your biggest pain points?

What social media task, strategy, platform gives you the most trouble? Where do you lose the most time? Where do you need to improve results?

Leave your topics, questions, and pain points in the comments below and we will use them for future content from SocialFresh.com and Social Fresh conferences.

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  • A huge pain point for me is that my company sometimes uses our social media team as a catch all. The members of my team are young and although our work is taken seriously in my agency, it seems that other unimportant or administrative tasks fall on our shoulders. While we are always more than willing to help others, it seems that people are always calling on us for tasks far outside of our job descriptions. They also don’t seem to care much that they are taking away from the time we need to spend on client work, especially when that client work is a large stepping stone to new business. I’m not sure if it is because of our age, our willingness to help, our work ethic, or because someone needs to do the crap work, but it pains me that the rest of my agency seems unperturbed or unwilling to lend an extra hand. 

  • My biggeset social media challenge is directing blog traffic to our product website.

  • Resources, above all.  The fact that there are so many applications out there that ‘almost’ do what you need and the fact that we don’t have the resources to fully service the fantastic audience we have are very frustrating.

  • yogiwan

    This would be a great event if it wasn’t 3500 miles away and it included golf (as long as you are in Florida).  The biggest pain point with social media is keeping up with the posting schedule and developing fresh content. 

  • Steve Hendricks

    The amount of time required to reach meaningful objectives is too great. Changing platforms, undetermined analytics applicable value. New media with many uncertainties as regards sustainable marketing protocols.
    Still.. shows great promise with occasional winning campaigns.

  • Thanks Jocelyn. It seems becoming a “help desk” is an industry wide trend. Thanks for the comment. 

  • Thanks for the great comment Mei. This is definitely something we want to write more about. 

    There was not an email included with your comment. If you want access to the coupon code, please email us info@socialfresh.com. Thanks again.

  • Have you seen InvestInSocial.com yet Doug? Our directory? We are adding more features soon that I think will make it a great resource for this issue. 

  • orionadvert.com

    My biggest pain point is keeping up with the flood of information and being able to distinguish the gold from the dross. Some of it is just plain meaningless, but you don’t know that until you’ve become fairly literate in the discipline. Unfortunately, time is not elastic, so it’s hard to find more hours in the day.

  • The biggest pain points for me are time to engage AND time to research. Let me explain further.

    Our company strategy includes engagement via our blog, You Tube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+. In the near future I will be adding one more platform to the mix. While my department (of one) is less than a year old, I have gotten the science of time to engage down to an art…not quite a complete piece of art per se but I feel fairly confident our strategy is on target. However, once Google+ came into the mix for us (within the last month), I’ve found I’ve had to re-structure our time on each platform a bit to accommodate. Still, the point is, as new platforms are developed (and gain user traction), there is time involved in planning for that platform/those platforms as well. As a department of one, that’s precious time.

    With regards to research, my job is also to stay on top of the latest & greatest in the social space as well as to research how we are doing each month and if I’m blogging content – time to research that as well. While I use Google Reader as one method to keep track of the “latest and greatest” and while I make time for blogging (research & publishing) in my calendar and I feel as though I do a good job balancing it all, there’s still not enough time in the day to ensure it’s all done to my standards.

    The bottom line is I have a strategy, I implement said strategy, adjust accordingly, and still I’m always playing with the element of time.  So, that’s my biggest pain point.

    I’ll close with this – while time is challenging, it’s that challenge that makes the strategy that much more fun for us. I love what I do, the content, and the company, and I know we’re on the right track. That I am confident of.

    I appreciate the discount code but I will not be able to make it to Tampa this year. Might see y’all in Charlotte though. Thanks for asking for our input.

  • Content! Regularly populating our SM Sites with relevant content. Since we DO NOT want to use sales pitches, providing relevant info that can lead back to us is the biggest challenge (and of course the time it takes to find the information)

  • We’ve invested time making our news releases as social-media friendly as possible, including links to supportive video, audio and photos for media.  Yet, pickup is minimal — to the point that we’ve decided it’s not worth the effort required to produce those products.

  • Anonymous

    One of my biggest clients is in the copy/print industry (more specifically finishing & binding) and there’s just not much conversation going on for this segment. Our biggest challenge is getting people to interact or comment. We’ve started offering a monthly $50 Amazon gift card drawing for people who ask questions on the client’s Facebook wall. They have a monthly newsletter that goes out to 8000 addresses and for months they’ve been trying to get comments. 

  • Tomrobinson

    Biggest pain points are: how to manage all the social media in reasonable amount of time; which new trends to jump on and which to avoid

  • My biggest challenge is finding the time to pry myself away from the usual suspects (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and now G+) in order to fully explore and vet new social networks & platforms.

  • Biggest pain point is getting clients to BELIEVE in the power of social media…and to that end, getting them to INVEST in it – whether it’s in time, management or even with something like Facebook ads. It doesn’t matter how much research we do to come up with good-quality, engaging content, clients seem to always look at the number of LIKES/FOLLOWERS/SUBSCRIBERS/CIRCLES, etc., as opposed to looking at how social does all of these other things – lifts SEO, creates engagement, starts conversations, etc. 

    So pain point number 2 is getting those LIKES without having any substantial budget behind getting them. Referral promotions and suggest to friends and things like that can only do so much. 

    I’m also getting bombarded with questions about apps/landing pages. So, while businesses are eager to do these big promotions, they have still not realized that the implementation of those not only take time, but in many cases, cost more money. 

  • The hardest point is keeping up with all the changes in technology. I think it would be great to have Social Fresh be a leader in the education in the “updates” and “how to’s” of using the best social media tools in order to maximize our clients needs.  What are the best apps for Facebook and how to add them and find reputable ones? How to use the Twitter more effectively? 

  • Totally understand the “flood of information” point.  May I suggest checking out an article I posted yesterday on SocialFresh.com: http://socialfresh.com/tips-to-avoid-shiny-object-syndrome

  • Amandah

    Social media can be overwhelming because platforms change or new ones are introduced. Do you drop your old platforms and try out new ones? How long do you stay on one platform before you move to another one? What’s the length of time you should spend on social media each day to grow your business? What’s the best platform to reach clients and customers? What’s the magic formula? It can make your head spin. 

  • Agree with your point about trying to decide which new trends to jump on and which to avoid.  In fact, just posted something yesterday on SocialFresh about how to filter through the noise to find the substantive trends. 

    In case you want to read more about my approach: http://socialfresh.com/tips-to-avoid-shiny-object-syndrome

  • I completely concur with @8f6b8cea3fe4177d23cbf53cab46878f:disqus here. The lack of integrated, affordable and digitally integrated social CRM is one challenge. In addition the lack of metrics that can be tied directly to business objectives; sure we get lots of data, but its both time consuming and challenging to equate that information with actual buying or advocacy. Also, the fact that there are literally thousands of platforms that answer these pieces in bits, but no one single solution continues to make social media an expensive proposition from the stand point of time and dollars spent on resources that don’t really provide the big picture. 

  • The biggest “pain point” for me personally is around convincing partners of the true value of shifting budgets, resources, etc from traditional media to social/digital strategies.

    It’s less about specific tactics or campaigns (with relatively unproven performance models) and more about change management. I think training & education are hugely underrated in our emerging industry.

    That’s why I think tools like SocialFresh.com, Slideshare, thought leaders, etc (and how you use them) is integral to changing the status quo approach to marketing and becoming more content & community focused.

    This type of change management and new way of thinking takes time, sweat, passion, and commitment. 

    But it’s the only way I know of to effectively transition traditional marketers into newer models.  Oh yeah, did I mention that it can be a ton of fun with a lot of career growth potential?

  • Time management and content development. With new platforms added almost daily I really know how those hamsters feel.

  • I think everyone’s pain point is different. Small businesses struggle with resources, large business struggle with scaling and determining ROI, consultants and agencies struggle with finding where they fit into the picture.

    The next event you hold in the Northeast US, I’ll be there!

  • Christina G. Smith

    My biggest social media challenge is also the thing I love most about being a social media strategist – the ever changing tools/platforms by which we make our living and connections. It requires boundless enthusiasm, an unquenchable lust for learning and a desire to constantly be perfecting our trade. It’s exhausting and thrilling like a skydiving marathon or a squirrel rodeo. 

  • Stacey

    Developing fresh content is definitely a struggle for me. I feel like it is a never ending battle. My archive is never big enough!

  • Arthur

    Our greatest pain point is narrowing in on what our potential leads read, what they do, where to focus our campaign, how to get leads to nurture. We sell English Language Learning activities, games, audio, and books for Adult Education, Career Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Literacy, etc.

  • Pain Point : Understanding that Social Media is ROI & Design 1st
    tim.savage@twitter-101874024:disqus .com

  • Anonymous

    Tracking and measuring value is the big stickler.  Which content posts drive value and which don’t?  Once content is shared, in what context is this occurring?  Beyond the number of likes or shares, what is the tone of the conversation surrounding it?

  • Pain Point: Integrating corporate websites and navigating corporate IT structures in order to tie social applications, mobile and tablet sites and other technology seamlessly together.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for this post. I hope to attend the conference. The biggest question I have is A) What are some of the most creative examples of social media being used in the work place and 2) What sort of tracking methods to see if the social media strategy is working? Thank you.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for this post. I hope to attend the conference. The biggest question I have is A) What are some of the most creative examples of social media being used in the work place and 2) What sort of tracking methods to see if the social media strategy is working? Thank you.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for this post. I hope to attend the conference. The biggest question I have is A) What are some of the most creative examples of social media being used in the work place and 2) What sort of tracking methods to see if the social media strategy is working? Thank you.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for this post. I hope to attend the conference. The biggest question I have is A) What are some of the most creative examples of social media being used in the work place and 2) What sort of tracking methods to see if the social media strategy is working? Thank you.

  • Sarah J. Storer

    I totally agree with this. It’s so easy to get “sucked in” to the small picture stuff–which is important!–while still trying to prove to clients that I’ve got the big picture latest and greatest for what they actually need.

  • Theopticalvisionsite

    So numerous to even count. 1.) Time to write multiple posts a week for 3 blogs, do all the social media, read all the email… ..The hardest is always to decipher analytics, translate that into great content, get Twittered and FB’d and hope that you are on the right track for engagement and virality and only to find out that what you did last month along the same vein/concept did not work this month! Time to keep up with all the updates and not feel like crap because no matter how hard you try, it never seems like enough. 

  • Andrew

    Thanks for this post. I hope to attend the conference. The biggest question I have is A) What are some of the most creative examples of social media being used in the work place and 2) What sort of tracking methods to see if the social media strategy is working? Thank you.

  • Thanks Arthur. Here is the $150 coupon code for Social Fresh EAST as promised. Please use it before Friday at midnight. Coupon code = *promo150.* http://socialfreshconference.com/event/east-2012/

    Jason Keath

    The Business of Social Media*

  • Thanks for spelling this out. You just saved me the time in doing it. :-)

  • Sorry you won’t be making it to Tampa.  Would have loved to discuss this with you.  Time management is especially challenging in the social media space.

  • Right now, I’m dealing with perceived security issues by enterprise clients who worry about using content/collaboration tools outside of the corporate firewall. This extends to socialCRM as well. Yet, agencies and contractors can’t work inside the firewall. I’m sure those corporate governance rules were created long before social tools were invented, but getting around that to set up a system for curation and sharing is a conundrum. 

  • Did you mean to post this publicly?  :)

  • My biggest pain point is being able to achieve seamless CRM integration for Social initiatives and engagement programs. A true one click integration for social profile information to provide intelligent insights in the sales stages, campaign data, and customer relationship management.

  • Kaveh20

    A major painpoint is about how we can position the importance and value of social media marketing compared to traditional channels. 

  • Anamaria Mendes

    I would love to hear more about metrics…this with all the changes that happen everyday, all the new tools keeps hard to study everything to keep improving while still taking care of all the social media clients, contents, keeping track of their competitors etc

  • It seems like I can never catch up with the constantly evolving social media strategies.  As a business owner I am struggling to manage the business and stay on top of social media opportunities.

  • Metrics, metrics, metrics! Biggest challenge is getting accurate on ROI by each social media channel so I can allocate my time appropriately. It’s hard to tell if I can improve my results based on making small changes, or if the performance I get is good for my market. 

  • Cristina Sierra

    The biggest pain point for me is keeping up with all the changes – FB’s recent announcement around open graph applications, for instance. How do you keep up?

  • Finding relevant and meaningful content to post and keeping it fresh, not boring.  This can be VERY time consuming depending on your industry/audience. Would love coupon code for Tampa show! techietonya@gmail.com

  • My biggest pain point is trying to understand the rules and regulations to running contests/promotions. There are a ton of articles discussing how to comply to Facebook terms, etc. but I’m personally more concerned about not breaking the law and getting slapped with a fine. =)

    Would love to see some case studies of small businesses that have run successful promotions and what they did to cover themselves from a legal standpoint. What are the typical legal fess involved in having contest rules drafted? Who are some attorneys out there that specialize in this (specifically working with small businesses)? And possibly some special discounts for Freshmakers from some of these attorneys.

  • Mary Tunney

    I’m concerned about measurement and adding new platforms like Google+ to our ever growing list of platforms.

  • Biggest pain point is identifying social media ambassadors within the company and then having mgt recognize the value they bring when they are tending their streams.

  • Robert

    The biggest pain point is just getting that initial visit and reaching out to people!

  • Robert

    on all the social media platforms I should add.

  • Robert

    I didn’t get an email, but I guess it was because I didn’t confirm my email before I posted? Our biggest pain is on facebook and twitter, reaching out to new people! We get retweeted, but can’t get shared on facebook.

  • Are you using some kinda analytics (GA, mixpanel, etc.) to measure your ROI?

  • Curious.. do you always post YOUR articles? Have you thought about sharing articles written about others that might be relevant to your fans/subscribers/followers?

  • Have you thought about sharing articles written about others that might be relevant to your fans/subscribers/followers?

  • Why not post content written by others that might be relevant for your followers/fans?