Under the Influence: Choosing and Using Best Brand Advocates

by Jason Keath on Dec 07, 2015

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Jamie Simoni - hero

Puppies, Jeans, and Social Media

Jamie Simoni (@Jamie Simoni), from American Eagle Outfitters, visits the podcast this week. Serving as their Senior Marketing Manager, Jamie can not only direct you to a great pair of jeans, but to amazing social media marketing campaigns, best practices for brand advocacy, and the perfect social media automation tools.

As it turns out, brand advocates don’t always have to come from those higher tiers of social media stardom, but your everyday loyal customers can have a great effect on your brand as well. Jamie shares her wisdom on how to identify a variety of influencers, use them effectively in campaigns, and measure the effect of their reach.

“When measuring influencer success; You can’t look at a magazine ad and know exactly what it’s driving in sales wise. It’s the same with Instagram.” (click to tweet)

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In This Episode

  • App of the week: Sunshine, a cloudless streaming app boasting the ability to share a 10 gigabyte video in 10 seconds
  • How to identify the right influencers for your brand (Niche)
  • How to find new fresh faces for your brand (Fohr Card)
  • How to utilize those everyday kind of influencers (Olapic)
  • Employee advocacy programs
  • How to use automation tools that will make your life easier (Spredfast , Curalate)
  • How puppies make every campaign better (American Beagle)
  • How to measure influencer success
  • Jamie’s favorite app: Waze
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