Top 21 Social Media Career Moves of 2010

by Jason Keath on Jan 07, 2011

Career MovesOne of the most rewarding parts of watching the evolution of this industry we call social media, is seeing smart, talented people get rewarded in their careers. People like David Armano and Frank Eliason are social media pioneers who are now leading very talented teams, both as Senior Vice Presidents, at Edelman Digital and Citi, respectively.

There are several young faces taking leading roles at large brands, people moving from agency to brand, people moving from brand to agency, and maybe one of the more iconic moves belonged to Brian Dresher moving from old media to new media as he transitioned from USA Today to Mashable.

The following is a recap of some of the biggest career of the past year. We were looking for people working in significant social media roles that chose to take on new opportunities. We definitely missed some, so please help us out in the comments. Without further ado and in no particular order, here they are.

Frank Eliason (@FrankEliason)

Frank Eliason

From Comcast to Citi as SVP of Social

Shiv Singh (@ShivSingh)

Shiv Singh

From Razorfish to Pepsi as Head of Digital for PepsiCo Beverages

David Thomas (@DavidBThomas)

David Thomas

From SAS to New Marketing Labs as Executive Director

Paula Berg (@PaulaBerg)

Paula Berg

From Southwest Airlines to Linhart PR as Digital Media Lead

Louis Gray (@LouisGray)

Louis Gray

From independent to My6Sense as VP of Marketing

Jaime Punishill (@Jpunishill)

Jamie Punishill

From Citi to Thomson Reuters as Global Head, Wealth Management Online

Brian Dresher (@bdresher)

Brian Dresher

From USA Today to Mashable as DC Area Director of Business Development

Shauna Causey (@ShaunaCausey)

Shauna Causey

From Comcast to Ant’s Eye View as a Senior Consultant

Zena Weist (@ZenaWeist)

Zena Weist

From Embarq to H&R Block as the Director of Social Media

Justin Levy (@JustinLevy)

Justin Levy

From New Marketing Labs to Citrix Online (technically 2011)

Blake Cahill (@bcahill)

Blake Cahill

From Visible Technologies to Banyan Branch as Principal [PDF]

Nick J Ayres (@NickJAyres)

Nick J Ayres

From Home Depot to IHG as Social Marketing Manager

Julia Roy (@JuliaRoy)

Julia Roy

From Coach to Manilla, a Hearst owned startup as VP of Marketing

Jessica Berlin (@JessBerlin)

Jessica Berlin

From Cirque du Soleil to American Eagle as Social Media Manager

Angela LoSasso (@AngelaLoSasso)

Angela LoSasso

From HP to BlackBerry as Director, Social Media Marketing for Research in Motion

George G Smith Jr (@GeorgeGSmithJr)

George G Smith Jr

From RGA to Pepsi as Manager, Social Activation Strategy and Execution

Brian Simpson (@bsimi)

Brian Simpson

From Roger Smith Hotel for the Vikram Chatwal Hotel Group as Director, Digital Media

Kristy Bolsinger (@Kristy)

Kristy Bolsinger

From RealNetworks to Ant’s Eye View as Social Business Consultant

Dave Fleet (@DaveFleet)

Dave Fleet

From Thornley Fallis Communications to Edelman as their Toronto team’s as Vice President of Digital

Jolie O’Dell (@jolieodell)

Jolie O'Dell

From Read Write Web to Mashable as a Social Media and Technology Reporter

David Armano (@armano)

David Armano

From Dachis Group to Edelman Digital as SVP (technically December 2009)


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