Top Social Media Brands, June 2010

by Jason Keath on Jun 05, 2010

Social Fresh produces this monthly poll to encourage discussion around the topic of social media best practices. In the spirit of all the companies experimenting in the space, this is a subjective snapshot of who is succeeding from a sampling of industry insiders.

Feel free to agree or disagree. Tell us who should not be on the list. Who should. And why.

We asked over 60 social media professionals (20 brands, 30 agencies and 10 vendors) for their top social media brands.

Results for June 2010

Brand Rank Change from Previous Month
Starbucks #1 +1
Pepsi #2 +2
Best Buy #3 No Change
Ford #4 -3
Chevrolet #5 +3
Nike #6 Unranked
Dell #7 +2
Whole Foods #8 Unranked
Dunkin Donuts #9 Unranked
Jetblue #10 Unranked

Additional Brands receiving significant votes (in ranking order): Zappos, Kodak, Apple, American Express, Intel, Coke, Southwest, and Travelocity. Also see the Top Social Media Brands, May 2010

Comments From The Judges

“Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts I think have done a fantastic job of incenting their fans to interact & check in, rewarding them instead of just collecting fans, and deepening the loyalty of their existing customer base.” Christopher Barger, GM

“Pepsi is doing an incredible job with it’s Refresh Everything initiative.  What a home run from wasting dollars on Super Bowl Ads.  They are making a real difference. ” Pete Scott, IZEA

“Starbucks continues to lead the way. They’ve got their own community (My Starbucks Idea) where they are actively soliciting ideas from customers and even implementing them in their stores. They also seem to be using Twitter and Facebook effectively. I also expect them to lead the way with adoption of mobile/geolocation technologies” Jason Peck, eWay Direct

“Did Nike produce the biggest viral video ever?” – Several judges echoed this comment


Do YOU agree with the rankings? Who is in your top 10? Tell us in the comments.

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