Top Corporate Blogs, Finalists Announced

by Jason Keath on May 02, 2011
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Top 10 Corporate Blog Awards: Nominations | Finalists | Top 10 Winners

Top Corporate BlogsOut of the Fortune 100, more companies are investing in Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube than in a corporate blog.


Because blogging for business is hard. It takes ongoing resources and time that are not needed on most social media platforms.

Brand blogs can produce some big results when you take time to put together the right platform.

The Social Fresh community nominated over 200 company blogs for our Top Corporate Blogs awards.

In order to make it to this final nomination list, for our judges to review, objective metrics were used such as scores, traffic numbers, recency of content, number of nominations, and adherence to nomination requirements.

Our Judges

Top Corporate Blogs Judges

Our panel of judges will be conducting a blogging for business panel at Blogworld NYC on May 25th, Leads, Subscribers, and Sales: Bringing Action to Business Blogs. Thanks to each of our judges for their support of this process:

Our 29 Finalists

In alphabetical order

Congratulations to the company blogs that made it to the final round of judging. These blogs will all be reviewed closely by our judges and scored based on:

1. Calls to action
2. Content quality/consistency
3. Community size/engagement.

Who are your favorites? Who do you think should make it to the final Top 10 Company blogs?


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CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media education company. Jason is a social media consultant, a social media speaker and industry analyst. He consults with corporations and agencies on social media strategy, building community, and influencer...

  • Big fan of OneForty over here. I also really dig the Whole Foods blog.

  • Thanks so much! @LikeableMedia is honored just to be included with all of those amazing blogs!

  • Thanks Dave. Was glad to see you guys listed as well. I had no control over the list, but saw a lot of familiar faces. I was also happy to see some sites that have never been on my radar.

  • Both are quality. Agreed. Now if I could just get Whole Foods delivery through tweeting my order.

  • Dsmith

    If a business blog never generates comments and displays little or no reader engagement, how is that factored in to the judging? Just curious.

  • It would reduce it’s objective scoring. Reader engagement is a metric taken into account. But not required. Reader engagement can also be measured off site through social media activity that references a blog.

    A blog could turn off comments completely, in theory, and still drive plenty of business through a sales lead form or other call to action. But, our goal is to find 10 examples of corporate blogging that are using community, content, and calls to action well.

  • Anonymous

    Wah!!! I’m like *this* pumped to just have people read our blog (oneforty). This is exciting, thank you Jason. Also double yay for SEOmoz getting in there.

  • A great list. Would like to see SEOMoz, Radian6, OneForty, Kissmetrics, and Edelman get in the top 10.

  • all of you people are so amazing) thanks to everybody!!!!

  • Well look at that! Thank you!! Living in Chicago, we have the big agencies in our backyard. Before digital communication, it was impossible to mentioned in the same breath. I think I should quit now while I’m on top!

  • Guest

    Compassion Internation is great and deserves to be in the top 10.

  • I LOVE Compassion International’s blog. I am a regular visitor, and I have read every single post from the beginning until October of 2009, plus some of the more current ones.

  • SarahB

    Compassion International!

  • Thank you for including us as a finalist. When we launched our blog in 2008, we looked closely at what Southwest Airlines was doing. They are truly innovators. And now we find tremendous value in the work The Dachis Group, Edelman Digital, GetSatisfaction, Hubspot and Likeable Media produce. It’s humbling to have made this list. Thank you again. – Chris Giovagnoni

  • Compassion International, without a doubt!

  • What a great list of blogs! Thanks for compiling it. I can’t claim to follow all of them, but I really really like SEOmoz and KissInsights

  • This is brilliant! Thank you for including us. We are in great company.

    Lauren Vargas
    Director of Community at Radian6

  • Kristen

    Compassion International is wonderful! They deserve to be in the top 10 :-)

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  • Wildstx

    Compassion International is a great company with a great mission and a great blog. They deserve to earn the top spot.

  • Harley_lady

    Compassion International – Childhood poverty philanthropy
    Because children are not only the most vulnerable, they are our future.

  • Compassion International is my hands-down favorite!

  • Amanda

    Compassion International should be in the top 10!!!! :)

  • GuestNL

    My vote also goes to Compassion International; very informative and transparant blogs!

  • @WholeFoods

    You can’t possible tell us all the things you want to order in 140 characters or less! : )

  • Obviously I would have to link to a list. = )

  • I’m thrilled that we made the cut, along with so many other incredible businesses and blogs. Thank you!

  • compassion international

  • Terr567

    I’m very glad that Compassion International made the list.

  • Terr567

    I’m very glad that Compassion International made the list.

  • Thanks Jason. There are some great companies and blogs here, see a few partners and customers of ours too. We’re thrilled to be included.

    Webtrends, Director of Community

  • Thanks so much for including Wildfire in your list! It’s an honor to be considered among some of the more seasoned brands like Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods! We’re super excited!

  • Lisa

    Another vote for Compassion International. Great content, a welcoming and dedicated community, a clarion call to action on behalf of children around the world. It’s the whole package.

  • Win

    Compassion International’s blog has led me to “doing something” about what they are posting about on more than one occasion. They are dedicated to their mission in everything they do and that includes their blogging. Great to see them on your list!

  • Josie

    Compassion International, HANDS DOWN. #1

  • Southwest. And it’s not even close.

  • I’ve got to cast a vote for the ExactTarget blog. Business Blogs have a few jobs to do and one is including SEO and converting that traffic into leads and customers. ExactTarget makes great use of dynamic CTA’s on their blog so that the offers correspond with the content the searcher happens to be hitting.

    They also empower all of their employees to participate and I think they have about 160 bloggers. These are the people who are solving the problems and working with their customers all day long.

    finally they recognize that their primary audience isn’t necessarily people already familiar with the Company (readers) but a very large audience of first visitors.

    I’m not sure if ET has shared any data with the judges, and it’s not my place to disclose their results but this is an amazing program.

  • Thank you for including Brafton! We love our blog and are very dedicated to keeping our content super-relevant and useful for our readers.

    Looking forward to the final round!

  • Gena

    I too LOVE Compassion International’s blog. They have my vote!
    < Gena

  • Thanks so much for including us Jason! Working on has been fantastic. I’m constantly amazed at the great content Edelman employees are creating daily.

    I’ll be adding the other blogs on the list to my ever growing google reader :)

    Suzanne Marlatt
    Community Manager
    Edelman Digital

  • Robbin

    Wow. Thanks for including us on this list of impressive companies Jason!

  • Thanks so much! What do the winners win?

    – Andy Wibbels, Dir of Marketing, Get Satisfaction

  • Thanks so much! What do the winners win?

    – Andy Wibbels, Dir of Marketing, Get Satisfaction

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  • Disney, Southwest, Whole Foods, Playstation… an honor to be in such fine company. This effort is a nice little proof point that blogs have integrated into how we do business. Thanks for considering our site.

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  • Compassion International – Childhood poverty philanthropy gets my vote

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  • Anonymous

    I heard they win a life size poster of Andy Wibbels. But that could have just been a rumor. /shrug

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  • John peterz

    Really very good information web page. I have to admit that we’re definitely warm the idea ;) We’ve only this instant opted in for your current Rss in addition i restarted yet again :*) thankx.
    John peterz

  • I favor Arment Dietrich in this for his outstanding contribution about social media

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