What were the top company blogs of 2014?

by Nick Cicero on Sep 05, 2014
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Top 10 Corporate Blog Awards: Nominations | Finalists | Top 10 Winners

Nominate your favorite brand blog in the comments below!


Attention Social Fresh community: We need your help.

The corporate blog is not dead.

The blog is the cornerstone of publishing and content marketing for your company, but all too often companies focus on the next shiny object in social media, forgetting about the importance of owning their own content in a place where consumers, both current and prospective, can come back any time to consume a wealth of information.

While some corporate blogs have become the stuff of legend, still we see many companies struggle to identify where their return is coming from.

We’re asking for your help in unearthing the latest and greatest examples of blogs.

What business blogs are doing a good job? Who are the folks you’ll gladly give your email address to? Where do you go back to time and again? Or subscribe to? Which ones do you share with your boss, your team, your social networks?

You know the type, the ones that make you say, “I wish I wrote that!”

This is the 4th year of the Social Fresh Corporate Blog Awards. Help us spotlight the best of the best with your comments below.

The Contest

You: You nominate your favorite business blog.

To nominate a blog, please include the blog, company and link in a comment on this blog post before September 12 at 5pm EST.

Us: Every blog that gets 2 votes will get officially nominated. Each nomination will be judged on:

1. Calls to action

2. Content quality/consistency

3. Community size/engagement.

Five judges will  be the final decision makers and decide our Top Ten Business Blogs of 2014.

Definition: A “business blog” will be defined as any blog with more than one author, that represents one company that sells a product or service.

Conflicts: Blogs that have been worked on by any of the judges can be nominated but those judges cannot comment or vote on those specific blogs.



We have teamed up with five industry thought leaders on blogging, marketing and business who will evaluate the submissions compiled by our Social Fresh Staff.


  1. Yes you can nominate your own company’s blog
  2. Yes agency blogs and startup blogs are allowed
  3. Yes you can nominate your client =)
  4. Yes you can nominate more than one blog

Remember, to nominate a blog, please include the blog, company and link in a comment on this blog post before September 12 at 5pm EST.

We look forward to your awesome nominations. May the best blog win!

(PS. Share your nomination on Twitter by clicking here)

Post Author

Nick Cicero is the Editor at Social Fresh and a Digital Marketing Consultant. Formerly of Expion and Livefyre, Nick has experience building social campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Winn-Dixie, Eminem, Teen Vogue and more. He’s a fan of playing...

  • I’d nominate http://blog.fiatusa.com/ Good mix of lifestyle, news, events and vehicles. (Disclosure: Created and managed for years by Ignite Social Media.)

  • I’d also nominate http://blog.hubspot.com/ Yes, their IPO filing shows they lost money last year. A lot of it, but consistently produced content designed to drive lead generation and social sharing.

  • Last one. Our blog at http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com/blog/ Seven years of consistently posting quality content on social media marketing has driven strong search engine results and lead generation.

  • Simon Cole
  • I agree with Jim, HubSpot is way up there. http://postplanner.com is probably the best for Facebook.

  • I nominate Quick Sprout and Neil Patel’s team

  • Pit

    +1! Totally agree on Post Planner, Sam. Killer content — and lots of it.

  • Nicole D’Alonzo

    I nominate HubSpot and Buffer!

  • Ally Pelle

    I nominate HubSpot

  • I will second Jim’s nomination of Ignite’s blog. I actually fancy their newsletter, but it’s part of the whole content package. One of my primary sources of what’s trending in social media.

  • Brooke Hefner

    I nominate Verizon’s tech/lifestyle blog, Sugar String. It’s active, relevant, unique and on brand: http://www.sugarstring.com/

  • Donald S.

    KissMetrics always wins =) They rock.

  • I nominate:
    BlenderBottle: http://www.blenderbottle.com/blog/

  • Jennifer Wembley

    It does not get a lot of love, but the Quicken Loans blog is really great for their target audiences. http://www.quickenloans.com/blog/

  • Tom Smitheng

    Ice cream and software :-)

    Stonyfield: http://www.stonyfield.com/blog/
    and Citrix: http://workshifting.com

  • Thanks Sam!

  • Thanks Pit!

  • Plus one for Buffer!

  • Michele Weisman

    I would like to nominate Likeable Media’s blog, http://likeable.com/blog, which covers social media news, trends, and best practices.

  • I was a huge fan of the Eloqua blog long before they acquired us at Compendium. Lots of great content is still being produced there. http://blog.eloqua.com – Tens of thousands of followers and social media is a top three driver of MQLs (marketing qualified leads) in large part from the content created there. // insert another disclaimer about me working there and being closely tied to the blog //

    And I’d punch myself to not mention http://grantland.com/ by ESPN. Exceptional writing even if you’re not a sports fan.

  • Absolutely love what first round is doing with the First Round Review http://firstround.com/review

  • Lauren Harper

    I vote for Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue Blog: http://blog.eloqua.com/

    I also vote for Vidyard’s blog: http://www.vidyard.com/blog/

  • CK

    Nominating Chili’s Grill & Bar – http://blog.chilis.com . Engaging, fun, unique content!

  • Chase Kepler

    I nominate Simply Measured !

  • Chris Sheen

    Nice work guys – I’d like to nominate SaleCycle (The Abandoned Cart) – http://www.salecycle.com/meet-marketer-smyths-toys/

  • Startup Funding

    My nomination goes to http://postplanner.com

  • Philip Docherty
  • I nominate Jon Loomer http://www.jonloomer.com/ and Buffer http://blog.bufferapp.com/ These are 2 emails I open each and every time, I share the articles with everyone I know. I have turned dozens of people on to Buffer as well as Jon Loomer as a result. Stellar content, very helpful – TRULY AWESOME!

  • Thanks Scott

  • Thank you! :)

  • I have a French nomination! It is the blog of Nicolas Bordas, CEO of Being and VP of TBWA Europe. http://www.nicolasbordas.fr/ Great content, good regularity. Has a good amount of influence in France.

  • christianbrosstad

    I have to nominate: https://pressesenter.sparebank1.no
    Its one of the biggest banking blogs in Norway :)

  • Yep, easy nominees and hopefully should be on the list. A little more partial to Buffer because of their in-depth content. Moz needs to be on here as well.

  • Joanne Liu
  • Steven_J_Ramirez

    I’d like to nominate the Forrester blog: http://blogs.forrester.com/

    And our own Beyond the Arc blog: http://beyondthearc.com/blog/

  • Simply Measured – http://simplymeasured.com/blog/

  • shortstackdana

    I nominate ShortStack’s company blog: http://www.sociallystacked.com/

  • Amy Schemenauer

    I nominate ShortStack’s blog Socially Stacked: http://www.sociallystacked.com/

  • Lauren Friedman

    My biased nomination goes to Adobe’s Digital Marketing Blog – http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/


    Love Buffer, like everyone else
    Sephora’s The Glossy is awesome: http://theglossy.sephora.com
    Evernote blog isn’t bad either: http://blog.evernote.com/

  • Chamari

    I’d like to vote for SaleCycle for having insightful blog posts on remarketing and ecommerce trends. http://www.salecycle.com/abandoned-cart/

  • Elliott Antal

    I nominate Myjive’s Blog! http://www.myjive.com/blog

  • carrie kerpen
  • Karin

    i nominate unitedhub.com

  • Robby

    I nominate United Airlines’ blog: http://www.unitedhub.com/

  • Maggie Ro

    I nominate United Airlines – http://unitedhub.com

  • OhI

    I nominate unitedhub.com! Weekly updated, clean look and easy to navigate.

  • OhI

    i nominate unitedhub.com!

  • I nominate Citi’s Women & Co: http://www.womenandco.com.

  • Mike

    I’d like to humbly nominate my company, 352 Inc – http://www.352inc.com/blog/

  • I nominate The Grasshopper Blog for small business owners – http://grasshopper.com/blog/

  • Christopher Ankney

    I’d like to nominate The Ross School of Business’ blog – http://michiganross.umich.edu/ross-news-blog

  • Howard J. Sewell

    I nominate two blogs:


    Blog produced by Navicure, a software company in Atlanta that markets to the healthcare industry. Good mix of content and repeated calls to action throughout.


    Part blog, part microsite. Monitise sells mobile banking solutions to financial institutions. Good thought leadership and plenty of opportunities for the reader to engage, download content, etc.

  • I’d like to nominate the Adknowledge corporate blog, which highlights digital advertising via social, video, apps/mobile and email. http://www.adknowledge.com/blog/

  • Whitney Kempf

    I nominate The Mary Kay Blog

  • Derek

    I nominate: Videomind, Ooyala. http://www.ooyala.com/videomind

  • Kristin

    I nominate:

    Videomind, Ooyala. http://www.ooyala.com/videomind

  • Diana Koshedzhiyska

    I nominate:
    RazorSocial – http://www.razorsocial.com

    SociallySorted – http://sociallysorted.com.au

  • BurtonHohman

    Absolutely agree totally not biased at all! (I work there too) But we have some pretty solid articles and video content too.

  • Jade

    Simply Measured!

  • Kevin Shively

    The Simply Measured blog is great and the editor is really handsome.

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