Top 15 New Social Media Apps of 2010

by Jason Keath on Jan 04, 2011

I Love This App!Social media is fast becoming an ecosystem of mobile and web apps. From business and enterprise tools to social games to personal and service based apps.

When you think back to a year filled with social media dashboards, location apps, monitoring tools and photo sharing, which app was your favorite? Which ones were the most memorable? The most useful?

We posed that same question to several social media leaders and personalities. Below, and in the order we received them, are 15 of their choices and why they chose them. Add your favorite apps of the year in the comments.

1. Argyle Social

From Janet Aronica (@JanetAronica),

Argyle is really making headway at tying Twitter & Facebook campaigns to actual business goals.

2. Hootsuite


From Janet Aronica (@JanetAronica),

Not that Hootsuite is new per se for 2010, but they went from just a Twitter client into a serious business dashboard this year and reached their 1,000,000 user milestone. I think that for what their price point is, and what they are offering, if they continue to innovate and grow the way they did in 2010 in 2011 we’ll see some great stuff from them.

3. Facebook Places

Facebook Places

From Valeria Maltoni, (@conversationage),

2010 BEST: Facebook Places. It’s a game-changer. I don’t use it, and would probably prefer Foursquare — but it’s Facebook. Here to stay with lots of opportunity.

4. Email Newsletters and Membership Forums

Third Tribe Paid Forum

From Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan),

My favorite social media app/software of 2010 isn’t really new. 2010 was the year I re-learned the value of email newsletters. If I picked second place, it’s an equally old social technology: membership forums. With what I’ve accomplished with Third Tribe Marketing, and what I’m about to do with Human Business Works, I don’t give a hoot about location apps, nor do I think that the various whiz-bang new social apps are where the money’s at.

Me? I’m thinking that social BUSINESS apps are the next area where we’ll see some innovation and integration in 2011, and I’m welcoming the change. Oh, and mobile. Tablets have changed the game. Let’s watch for it together. iPad is just the start. When more Android and even Windows tablets hit the world stage, you’ll see computing change. Interfaces are just the beginning.

5. Market Me Suite

Market Me

From Owen JJ Stone (@ohdoctah), Inquiring Mindz Media

It looks like tweetdeck not as shiny or fast. But it give you complete control over Twitter and searching out niches. Its my secret weapon for clients. Biggest thing to note is branding your tweets and driving traffic back to your own site.

6. Twitter’s iPad app

From Scott Straten (@unmarketing),

Nearly flawless. Best twitter app I’ve used.

7. Friendly


From Scott Straten (@unmarketing),

Friendly for iPad is a fantastic Facebook app, since apparently Facebook has no urge to make one themselves.

8. ColorSplash and TiltShiftGen


From Brian Simpson (@bsimi),

I would have to say I have two favorite apps: ColorSplash and TiltShiftGen.  They are picture editing tools. Although PS, Instagram and others offer the  ability to alter and ‘stylize’ your pictures, I have found the combination of these two apps to be my favorite. I Inexpensive and you do not need a WiFi  connection once downloaded, making them my go to apps while on the subway. See my fun FB photo album, all done with these two apps!

9. RowFeeder


From Kristy Bolsinger (@kristy),

RowFeeder was that tool for me in 2010. It provides information through valuable and accurate data as well as helps you to derive meaning from the data. Not to mention the easy to use do-it-yourself dashboard and amazingly supportive team behind it – this tool was my favorite and most utilized tool from this last year.

10. Amazon iPhone App

Amazon App

From Kristy Bolsinger (@kristy),

Another app (for the iPhone) that I’ve been loving in 2010 is the Amazon app. They recently updated it with the ability to search for items with the barcode scanner. This has been more helpful than I had even imagined. I can now comparison shop across the entire Amazon database right from the aisles of my local store – or when manufacturers fail to provide enough product info on their packing, I can scan and find more on Amazon’s app.

Yes – this has resulted in a large increase of purchases made through Amazon which is their point surely, but it’s also made my shopping experience both online and offline a much more dynamic one.”

11. Google Realtime Search

Google Realtime

From Zena Weist (@zenaweist),

I’m going a little old school. I miss Summize, one of the original Twitter search engines. Twitter acquired Summize and renamed it Twitter Search: Summize was the best real-time Twitter search engine and the results history went back months and months. It was fantastic for researching trends and keeping tabs on conversation shifts. Now Twitter’s search only catalogs tweet for about a week. It’s a shame, but hey there’s always Google Realtime Search. It has all the realtime tweets and all the history Summize used to tout. I use it daily. I still miss Summize though.

12. Radian6 Engagement Console


From Zena Weist (@zenaweist),

We have many different teams responding online. We needed an all-in-one dashboard that provided a real-time view of the online conversation. With R6’s engagement console we not only have the view but we also have that 360 response center. We keep track of themes, tag comments, manage sentiment, and respond. We know who is responding to what post. We have history. We have it all in one single dashboard. The engagement console has helped streamline our online response process.

13. Timely


From Joanna Lord (@joannalord),

I love its simple interface and its approach toward calculating “impact.” I think the team behind this app is dedicated to better understanding what it means to “reach” people, and they are tweaking the algo behind this app accordingly. I am really interested to see where they can take this tool.

14. My6Sense


From Joanna Lord (@joannalord),

I dig the time it saves me, enabling me to sync RSS and social feeds. It is also doing some really cool innovations around its users interactions, and I think with the movement toward streamlined information consumption, this mobile app could see serious growth in 2011.

15. Instagram


From Steve Hall (@stevehall),

I’m a big fan of Instagram. It’s so simple, straightforward and easy to use from the user perspective. I imagine we’ll see many new features added such as the ability to view a stream of all the photos you liked and to see all the comments you have made on photos. Since it’s so social, hooking it into a chat application between two users would be interesting.

From a commerce perspective, it’s harder to predict what might happen here. Ads inserted in the stream like Twitter does. Very boring and standard but it may happen. Or the service will just offer a paid version.

It won’t be long before apps like Boxcar and Momento hook into Instagram to import pics, likes and comments.

It’s really the best app to use to get photos up on many services at once.

I think they need a web component added so you can access all your data and friend via the web. In a way, it’s like Twitter for photography.


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