Top 10 Twitter Brands, Finalists

by Jason Keath on Dec 16, 2011

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You nominated over 150 brands via Facebook, our blog and over email.

From that list we looked at the Twitter brands that have been active for at least a year, have the highest levels of engagement compared to their follower numbers, and we narrowed the list down to the top 24 nominations.

These finalists are now being combed through by our 4 judges, for their final decision on which Twitter brands will come out on top, as our Top 10 Twitter Brands.

All of the nominees should be celebrated and serve as good examples of how businesses should use Twitter.

Thank you for supporting the contest so far. Please congratulate the finalists and stay tuned, as we will announce the winners very soon.

Our 24 Finalists

In no particular order…

  1. @starbucks
  2. @rga
  3. @hbo
  4. @likeablemedia
  5. @Marvel
  7. @blackberryhelp
  8. @wholefoods
  9. @reginasymphony
  10. @compete
  11. @ritzcarlton
  12. @redcross
  13. @dunkindonuts
  14. @bergdorfs
  15. @pepsi
  16. @sega
  17. @travelchannel
  18. @rubbermaid
  19. @chipotletweets
  20. @SouthwestAir
  21. @rshotel
  22. @jetblue
  23. @audi
  24. @ajbombers

Our Judges

We have teamed up with 4 industry thought leaders on Twitter and business as our esteemed judges.


Which of the above finalists do you think should win?

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