Top 10 Twitter Brands 2011, Winners Announced

by Jason Keath on Dec 22, 2011
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Over a month ago we kicked off nominations for the Top 10 Twitter Brands. We received over 150 nominations and last week narrowed it down to 24 finalists.

We did the same thing earlier this year to put together our list of 2011 Top 10 Corporate Blogs.

The goal of these user nominated awards is to help find best-of-the-best examples of businesses using Twitter for real results.

We reviewed every account nominated and judged them on their engagement/audience metrics. Then our judges graded the finalists subjectively on entertainment, conversion, and engagement. The combined scores, objective and subjective, brought us to our winners today.

Please congratulate all the nominees and the winners on Twitter.

Thanks To Our Judges

We have teamed up with 4 industry thought leaders on Twitter and business as our esteemed judges.

Disclosure: All judges avoided scoring any brands they have as clients

Some Interesting Stats From The Winners

  • Starbucks has been tweeting the longest of the winners, since November 29, 2006 – 1848 days
  • 3 brands tied for the highest scores for “entertainment” value by the judges: Pepsi, Red Cross, Southwest
  • The highest Klout score belongs to Starbucks at 78, with Whole Foods coming in a close second at 75
  • The brand with the most followers on the list is Whole Foods with 2,137,890
  • The most prolific Twitter account belongs to Chipotle with over 63,598 tweets
  • The favorite Twitter client of the Top 10 brands is by far CoTweet, with Tweetdeck and then a distant 2nd, 3rd
  • The brand to send the most mobile tweets is Bergdorf with their constant chronicling of New York City

And Now To The Winners

We actually have a top 12, not a top 10. Our judging criteria resulted in five blogs with a tied score for the final and 8th place. All are worthy of highlighting, so the list was expanded by two. Let us know what you think of the results in the comments.

1. @jetblue

2. @SouthwestAir

3. @wholefoods

4. @redcross

5. @dunkindonuts

6. @starbucks

7. @pepsi

8. @ajbombers

8. @bergdorfs

8. @blackberryhelp

8. @chipotletweets

8. @rshotel


Who is your favorite of the above winners?


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  • I’m not even sure what to say, erm, tweet. :)

    Wow, thank you very much. We could not be more honored to be in such amazing company. 

    Thank you from all of us at @AJBombers:twitter 

  • My favorite is @AJBombers:twitter because they make burgers with fried eggs on ’em for me. And Joe is building an amazing brand…

  • @AJBombers:twitter hands down because they are more than a smart business. They are active community members and friends to everyone they serve both figuratively and literally. I have received many gems from the Sorges and am honored to call them my friends. Congrats, well deserved!

  • Awesome great to see @JoeSorge:disqus and @ajbombers:twitter on this awesome list. Joe Sorge does an awesome job. 

  • I love @AJBombers. Once I was explaining AJ Bombers to someone who was visiting and instead of saying “Everyone knows Joe Sorge” I had to turn it around and say “Joe Sorge knows each of us.” And it’s true. The same is true of the entire staff as well.

  • Ooh. Thanks for including @RedCross:twitter in the list – we feel pretty hip now. :) In all seriousness though, it’s an honor!

  • Oh good gracious – what an honor. Thank you!! xx @bergdorfs:twitter 

  • @WholeFoods is definitely my favorite!  I love the sense of humor in their tweets, and their photos are always artistic and delicious!  Not to mention it’s one of my favorite places to buy groceries, so I’m a little biased :)

  • Nice to be on the list.

  • John Knowles

    We @RShotel are honored to be on such a prestigious list! I have had the pleasure of engaging with some of the other brands on the list personally like @ajbomber @bergdorfs and @wholefoods and look forward to continuing the conversations with the network in 2012. Thanks again to Jason Keath for being a loyal supporter of what we do.  If we can help you in your day, let us know. Happy Holidays!

  • Morgan

    Thank you for the honor. Internally at JetBlue, we always talk about “staying small as we grow” -meaning that we don’t want to loose touch with what made us the brand we are: a focus on personal connection with our customers. The JetBlue twitter team works hard to continue that focus as it applies to our customers online. The recognition helps us know we’re on the right track.

    Also… Chris @ Rizzo Tees, burgers with fried eggs on them you say?? I guess I need to get out to Milwaukee! 

  • Well, at least RIM will have some good news this year…

  • Boyz_x_3

    Couldn’t have chosen a better #1!  JetBlue rocks!

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  • Guest

    #1 JetBlue!!!

  • We’re SUPER CRAZY EXCITED to be on this list! Thank you from all of us @WholeFoods:twitter!!

    PS – We love you, Serena……thanks for your comment!

  • I stopped reading when I read you took Klout serious. I’m out!

  • Bkoechlin76

    Whole Foods is my favorite

  • Wow!  Thanks for including us on the list!  The whole @Southwestair:twitter   Twitter team is pumped!  Such an honor!

  • Lhandlik

    I like the way you are following all of the top brands except DD… lol

  • Becky Clifford

    congrats to the VERY deserving Bombers!  Now come to Appleton!
    ~mrs tommytrc!

  • Becky Clifford

    AJ Bombers truly understands how to use social media to create friends, not customers!  If only they had more locations!
    ~mrc tommytrc

  • Anonymous

    @ajbombers:twitter just rocks!!!! Service like no others and their burgers… YUM! Interesting that @ajbombers is the only winner who does not have a verified twitter account. I need to call in my people and fix that :)~