Nominations for the Top 10 Twitter Brand Awards Are Open

by Jason Keath on Nov 17, 2011
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Twitter is, in many ways, the backchannel of social media. Journalists, designers, celebrities and politicians use it to connect one on one and en mass.

But thousands of businesses call the micro-blogging platform home as well. Using it to engage their community, entertain fans, and convert followers into word of mouth customers.

We thought it was about time we took a closer look at what brands are using Twitter the best. This is a tough nut to crack, so we pulled in some hired guns to help us make the call.

But as I said, we need your help to get started.

The Contest

You nominate your favorite brand Twitter account (One nomination each!) in a comment on this blog post. It must include:

  • Company name
  • Link to Twitter account
  • Post before December 1st at 5pm EST.

Every Twitter account that gets 2 votes will get officially nominated. Each nomination will be judged on:

1. Engagement – Do they get a response?
2. Entertainment – Are they creative? Do they share interesting things?
3. Conversion – Do they work in business goals well?

Four judges will be the final decision makers and decide our Top 10 Twitter Brands of 2011.

Definition: A “Brand Twitter Account” is defined as any Twitter account representing a company, not an individual. That company has to be recognized as clearly selling a product or service.

Conflicts: Twitter accounts that have been worked on by any of the judges (or their companies) can be nominated — but those judges cannot comment or vote on those specific Twitter accounts.

Our Judges

We have teamed up with four industry thought leaders on Twitter and business.

Please vote now, add your comments below…
Post Author

CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media education company. Jason is a social media consultant, a social media speaker and industry analyst. He consults with corporations and agencies on social media strategy, building community, and influencer...

  • I am kicking things off with RGA. This NY agency is always entertaining and useful.!/RGA

  • Audi
    They knocked it out of the park with the #WantAnR8 campaign.

  • Southwest – When their pilots are responding to customer tweets, you know they’re doing something right.

  • Audi
    It started with one tweet & Audi made my car dreams come true with my #WantAnR8 weekend.

  • Scotty’s Brewhouse – The man is a one man-marketing team (front-facing) that just gets people to come and eat (great food) and they treat it as a reward for being “cool”. @brewhouse 

  • Fitting Group (@brandspanking) -always smart, sassy, engaging and edgy in all their online content.

  • Anonymous

    Naked Pizza, @nakedpizza:twitter … their leadership even trickles down to their local handles, like @nakedpizzabos:twitter 

  • M.G.

    Give it to Stripes (@stripesstores). They juggle grand openings, special offers, contests, and call-outs, and wrap it up in a way that’s delicious enough to rival their tacos. And that’s sayin’ somethin’.

  • Craig

    Social Media Factory – @smfactory 

  • @smfactory – they did the vote for Table Mountain campaign for the one of the 7 Wonders of nature  

  • Brent36

    Social Media Factory as they are empowering communities and impacting the lives of people.And also as they had a huge influence in Table Mountain being selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of the world.

  • I love what @Samaritanspurse:twitter is doing!

  • Amber Evans

    I want to nominate my company, Visiture, for the award! We have been continuously working to improve our Twitter presence in the last 6 months and have hit our stride. Our community of Charleston, SC is also so supportive of small businesses. We try to help promote those that aren’t even our clients, too!



  • Bryan Virgil Crist

    The creators of the hilarious Go granny (, Network
    Solutions, @netsolcares:twitter (!/netsolcares) gives support and advice to the small business owner. 

  • Ang England

    I love @Samaritanspurse Twitter stream. :-)

  • Freedom

    @visitgreecegr I love those guys !

  • Definitely a fan of@Helzberg:twitter . They are always having fun, tweeting photos, engaging fans and you’ve got to check out the weekly #helzquest contest and videos (

    Disclaimer: Helzberg Diamonds is a client.

  • Greek citizen

    @primeministergr the official account of the Greek primeminister

  • Rosalie Morton

    Definitely want to put in another vote for @netsolcares and #GoGranny. In general, Network Solutions is such a great resource for small business owners, and Go Granny was hilarious!!

  • @brewhouse – general business tips, deals for customers, very engaging!

  • SquareTrade @squaretrade:twitter – they know their customers and do a damn good job of making a warranty company social. 

  • Rahul

    Square Trade
    – because they get twitter

  • My vote goes to square trade. They have great tweets.

  • Eric

    Love SquareTrade @squaretrade:twitter … awesome product and service.

  • Reddie

    @squaretrade -the most wonderful + responsive customer support on twittersphere!

  • i vote for @audi:twitter , they are very creative, they get responses and responds to their followers

  • i vote for @audi:twitter , they are very creative, they get responses and responds to their followers

  • The North Face Europe
    Twitter is integral part of the brands strategy for event coverage amongst other things. We just finished reporting on a European tour of ‘The North Face Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series’, where we gave out VIP tickets to attend and reported live along with local bloggers. Also for our Summer event, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, runners with RFID chips were tracked around the  160Km race with posts/tweets as they went by each checkpoint!

    BTW all ideas are developed in house. 

  • @JonnyTorres
  • I vote for @ChipotleTweets:twitter , @Compassion:twitter and @Foodspotting:twitter

  • I vote for @ChipotleTweets:twitter, @Compassion:twitter and @Foodspotting:twitter

  • Company name: Splashtop

    Link to Twitter account: @splashtop:twitter

  • Frederick

    @Shop63Computers South African On-Line Shop using Twitter Account effectively without spamming.

  • I vote for @compassion:twitter

  • My vote goes to @teachercast ( Screencast, Podcasts, app reviews, etc… -> everything an educator needs to incorporate 21st-Century skills!

  • @TeacherCast:disqus offers educators everything they need both on the web, and on their mobile device.

  • Locum

    The best information in real time from these guys – @ER24EMS . Even the media uses them to get a scoop on info; I have also seen people logging emergency calls via their account and they dispatch an ambulance. Well I guess that is service!!!

  • Vanessa

    ER24 Pty LTD keeps everyone informed about accidents on the roads as well as providing safety tips and hosting awareness campaigns. @ER24EMS:twitter – my vote goes to you!

  • @visitgreecegr is one of the best in Tourism. Great work!!/visitgreecegr

  • @visitgreecegr Enjoy the way they tweet!

  • @FITRadio They make my workouts and parties better – DJ Engineered music of all genres.

  • I’d like to second the nomination for @brandspanking:disqus (Fitting Group). They’re tapped into industry hashtag chats, they start conversations among followers and in general, they kick ass.!/brandspanking

  • Jen Duguay
  • Alyssa Maine

    I would like to second Compete!!/compete

  • I nominate @CruiseDeals:twitter – they’re on top of the travel industry w/ their use of Twitter.

  • Cdugan


  • Fathom – Online Marketing with Results That Matter –

  • Beth

    I nominate Fathom – Online Marketing!!/fathomonline

  • Ed Ranta
  • Jrplatt2000

    Fathom, @FathomOnline.

  • Zappos!/zappos

  • Fathom!!/FathomOnline

  • Dave

    @Skyscanner:twitter always post interesting travel features and news, and run some cool competitions sometimes too. They seem to be available to respond to questions from customers too.

  • Dave

    @Skyscanner:twitter post interesting travel features and news, as well as fun features on things from around the world. They seem to be available to respond to customer questions too.

  • I’m a big fan of Protect Your Bubble (my original review of their social media is here: ).

    Basically I took part in a study, looking at all of the different iPhone insurance companies here in the UK. Protect Your Bubble were the only ones that stood out ‘socially’ – surprisingly (or perhaps not) none of the other insurers really had a social media presence worth mentioning.

    They respond to customer queries and complaints directly via Twitter which is a good showcase of their ability to engage as well as an example of social being used to meet business goals.

  • The Online Project (@theonlineproj:twitter ) is one my favorite social media agencies on Twitter. 

  • A great idea but you’ve done it in such a self serving way.
    You want us to up comments on your blog by posting who we think is the best Twitter account and then you will judge it on your 3 very flawed criteria.

    How do you determine their business goal let alone say if they are achieving it? Not all brands are creative, some don’t have to be. Surely it isn’t to do with what they share but if you are likely to share it with other people. Also you haven’t mentioned the words “relationship”, “marketing” or “branding”?

  • Thanks for the feedback. It’s not perfect Jack. But it serves a great purpose for our audience. Our audience asks us quite often what Twitter brand accounts are good examples. We do contests like this to put together a crowdsourced lists, judged by experts and metrics, to bring pull together some good examples. 

    We don’t claim it to be the end all, be all of Twitter success. There will be plenty of great Twitter account missed by this list no matter what we do. We don’t claim that it is perfect. We are just working to bring together good examples for those that asked for them. For those that can learn from their examples.

    Yes it is self serving. And yes it helps our audience. Our goal is not to “up comments on our blog”. That does nothing for our business. 

    More details on how we judge the best accounts will be published in the next post. 

    The judging criteria is a combination of objective metrics and the objective opinions of our judges.”How do you determine their business goal let alone say if they are achieving it?” – We do not determine their business goals or if they are achieving them. We look to see if they are integrating calls to action.”Not all brands are creative, some don’t have to be.”- Agreed. We are looking for brands that inspire and engage though. If a brand get amazing response from fans without being creative and interesting, they will still perform well. You are welcomed to nominate a brand like this if you want.”Surely it isn’t to do with what they share but if you are likely to share it with other people.”- We will look at IF what that publish is shared. 

    “You should have looked at how Mashable did their social media awards, could have learnt something.”- I am very familiar with how they do their awards. Their goals are different. But I appreciate the suggestion.

  • Royal Jordanian 
    Because they hosted the Middle East’s first tweetup on an airplane! And for their great
    customer service on Twitter, they are very helpful and respond quickly to everyone.

  • We enjoyed the tweetup and can’t wait until we all get
    together again. We try our best to serve all our passengers through all mediums.
    Thank you.

  • Zain Jordan
    Because they are the best in customer care, and they care about making their customers happy and satisfied at all times.

  • Zain Jordan
    Because they are the best in customer service, and they care about their customer satisfaction.

  • simazeidan

    @citrusstv is the only TV Shopping network that is based in the Middle East, that provides females with health and beaty tips ,and have a wide range of products from beauty and health products to kitchen appliances. 

  • citrussTV
    @citrusstv:twitter is the only TV Shopping network that is based in the Middle East. That takes care of women and updates them on all the great products, beauty and health tips and much more.

  • Thank you @twitter-140883602:disqus, we’re glad that you’re enjoying our products and tips! Stay tuned for more and let us know if we can help you with anything!

  • Zain Iraq
    Because they are the 1st Iraqi Telecom company to use Facebook and twitter as a platform to communicate with it’s customers and update them on the latest promotions and offers. They also listen to their customers and try to help them (even if it includes installing new hardware!).

  • Thank you @MsQaq. We are glad you are finding our tweeps informative. Have a wonderful evening, and if you need anything just let us know.

  • Hello @MsQaq:disqus we hope that we’ve helped you. If you need anything else, please know that we are here to help you.

  • @MaQaq:disqus we really appreciate this! Our only goal is to make our customers happy. Enjoy your day!

  • we are glad 

  • mtc touch

    Although they are still new on twitter, but they’ve been very
    helpful with their tweeps and they’ve been spreading news about their new 3.9G
    and it’s amazing!


  • Ryan Q.

    @socialturbine Great creativity and engagement!

  • @Baliwood:disqus Thank you, we appreciate this! If you need anything just let us know.

  • Guest

    Hendrick Motorsports
    @TeamHendrick:twitter Hendrick Motorsports’ Twitter profile keeps fans updated daily on the latest news when it comes to its drivers — Kasey Kahne, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The organization also provides exclusive behind-the-scene content daily, signed give aways and does a fine job interacting with the fans.

  • Sara Hatch


  • Rbrown

    Hubspot! Very informative!

  • Company name: Mall
    Twitter profile:!/SocioMall

  • Carly Lundy Schacknies

    BBYO, Inc. on Twitter as @BBYOInsider:twitter – engaging teens on Twitter and connecting them with their peers and alumni around the world!

  • For Nomination: Regina Symphony Orchestra @ReginaSymphony:disqus 

    Engagement:  Have built great relationships with fellow Orchestras, music  fans and the local community.  Also featured on this blog about great Orchestra Twitter accounts:

    Entertainment: Share our love for classical music through contests, Youtube videos, fun facts and random ramblings courtesy of too much coffee.

    Conversion:  Our Twitter presence has also made us the recent subject of a Macmasters University soon-to-be published case study on social media.  Social media has also helped increase attendance at our concerts through ticket information, positive customer service and prompt attention to patron concerns.

    Great idea for a contest – good luck to all!  

  • I nominate Kona Grill – @konagrill:disqus

    Crazy response time, excellent engagement, and damned if they don’t have a great happy hour special! Plus, they get very involved in their communities both on and offline.

  • Elysian Hotel: @ElysianChicago!/ElysianChicago

  • @Benjamin_Moore  Sharing design ideas and a passion for color.

  • I think @Hardees has done a tremendous job of building a presence on Twitter and in the process, building a brand persona that helps define the brand and it’s attributes.

  • I nominate Kona grill (@konagrill ) their customer service attitude carries over to all of their social social media outlets. Making it a point to engage customers not just with promos of thanks but to solve issues and listen to suggestions.

  • Brad L.

    It would be my pleasure to nominate:Company name: HardeesLink to Twitter account: @Hardees:disqus
    1. Engagement – Do they get a response?
    They have engaged me in some particularly fun contests, swayed by the allure of free food (hey, it works, and got me to try a burger I would have not likely ordered on my own).
    2. Entertainment – Are they creative? Do they share interesting things?
    Definitely convey a pretty strong brand – creative, irreverent in the right ways.
    3. Conversion – Do they work in business goals well?
    Great PR and solid marketing help pushing new products (i.e. twitter contests to reward “best responses” free product). Also good at responding to consumer needs and issues.

  • Andrew

    Nomination: Accrinet

  • guest

    Chapters Indigo @chaptersindigo:twitter 

  • Girl lala

    Super fast responses. Informative and relevant. I particularly liked their Margaret Atwood book promo in response to the Dougie vs. Peggy battle. 

  • I would like to nominate Likeable

  • For nomination: Resource Nation @resourcenation:twitter Great resource for small biz owners and entrepreneurs! 

  • julia

    I nominate Chapters Indigo!
    I think that they do well on all three criteria you’re judging:
    1. Engagement: responses to direct questions are rapid, polite, and very helpful. If they don’t know the answer right away, they respond to ask for further details, or let you know what they are doing to try to find the answer. 
    2. Entertainment: Obviously most of their posts link to their own products, but they often do so in a playful, entertaining way, often incorporating a personal touch (for example, this recent Christmas-related post: The various blogs they run are linked to on a regular basis, and are also entertaining and informative.
    3. Conversation: I think they incorporate their business goals in pretty much all of their tweets – connecting their followers/customers to relevant sales, upcoming news/events, and developing new strategies to get their customers involved and engaged in their facebook/twitter presence. 

    Good luck to all companies, fun contest idea!


  • Haley

    @savealot:disqus has built strong customer relationships in the social media space, sharing shopping, health and meal deal tips through their Twitter account – successfully growing a large and engaged following over the past year and ultimately driving more shoppers in-store.

  • Diana C.
  • @TheOnlineProj because it is behind the success of many different brands.!/TheOnlineProj

  • @wamdame because it encourages entrepreneurs in the MENA region and leads them to a better future.!/WamdaME

  • Michele

    I would like to nominate Likeable Media (Disclosure: I am the Marketing Operations Manager at Likeable Media)

  • @twitter-229619787:disqus because they are one of the most socialized airlines and my favorite as well! Plus, I heard about their on-plane tweet up, I think it’s AMAZING!!

  • For Nomination: First National Bank South Africa
    Twitter account: @rbjacobs:disqus 

    First National Bank (FNB) in South Africa has taken new leaps in customer service in this country. 

    Engagement: All questions and queries are handled incredibly well and usually within an hour or less. A clear relationship is built up with clients and potential clients.

    Entertainment: The FNB twitter account is not just about handling queries. Besides useful posts, some free give-aways or making clients aware of specials (like organising discounted iPad2s for anyone at interest free loans), the account is friendly.

    FNB has built a huge reputation online, which has even spilled over to it’s radio advertising campaigns – it’s interesting to see how many clients are using the twitter platform to encourage others to “switch” to FNB.

    P.S. I’m not an employee of this bank – I’m just a loyal, raving client!

  • Yeah, I agree 100% with this assessment of @RBJacobs & #FNB.

    Using Twitter, they’ve really taken customer service in South Africa to a whole new level.

  • Vlendof

    For Nomination – Save-A-Lot

  • Cookie Madill

    I nominate @SkScienceCentre:twitter!/SkScienceCentre

    They get tons of great responses to the sitty and informative tweets they post on a regular basis! THey are constantly promoting their features but not in an overbearing or off topic way! Love it!

  • Cporter

    I nominate @Billian . They do not give sales pitches It is real knowledge in healthcare I can use in my job everyday

  • i nominate @skittles:twitter!/Skittles

    Nothing brightens my day like a quirky tweet from Skittles. Always engaging, always entertaining.

  • Collette

    I nominate the Regina Police Service @reginapolice:twitter

    They do a wonderful job of making an intimidating organization more accessible and transparent. They are friendly, give updates on their activities, and also educate others so they can take responsibility for their community and well-being.

  • I agree!  They not only are informative, they also provide helpful tips for safety and important laws.  Plus, they throw in a little humour from time-to-time!

  • Kellie Parker

    I nominate SEGA @sega:twitter

  • I nominate, completely unbiasedly, @Sega. (I am on Sega’s community team.)

  • Reginalistings

    I nominate the Regina Symphony @ReginaSymphony:disqus 

    Their Social Media presence is phenomenal. Engaging, interesting, always quality and passionate about what they do. Because of their Twitter presence and suggestions, I frequently go their Facebook account to check it out and I hate Facebook! Facebook is like watching a Gary Busey Movie, It doesn’t matter how you got there, you’re leaving dumber.

  • Nomination: Billians HealthDATA
    Twitter account: @billians

    Billians is one of the go-to sources for information and education by healthcare marketers in the B2B space. They’ve replicated, and expanded, that value through social media. Billians is one of the only companies I connect with via Twitter that also connects with me in real life – at trade shows, facilitating network introductions, and supporting my business development efforts. They walk the tweet.

    Sure, I’m nominating them because I’m one of their clients and because I’ve expanded my network through them… obviously they’re doing something right with one of their followers.

  • John

    Company: Springboard Public Relations
    Handle: @PRTips:twitter 

  • I’m pulling for Regina Symphony. @ReginaSymphony:disqus 
    All around a great account! 

  • Mariesmith313


  • I nomiate @prtips:twitter for providing real time and up to date information in the Public Relations and Marketing world that we live in today. Their interactions are superb.  

  • Elizabeth

    Company: Elysian Hotel
    Handle:@ElysianChicago, @ElysianChiSpa, and @riabalsan:disqus
    A great Chicago luxury hotel, made personal by the twitter touch.

  • Aisling Quigley

    I would like to nominate Brand Nua!/Brandnua. I find her twitter updates insightful,inspiring,educational and of real value to me and how I spend my time. I love exploring new concepts and learning about new digital opportunities and I always find the updates useful, capturing all the latest trends and innovative uses of digital media. My favourite campaign of Brand Nua’s was the recent Chicago Video It really generated some noise , popping up across several sites and even on Fox News Chicago. Brand Nua is one to watch.

  • We enjoyed the tweetup and can’t wait until we all get 
    together again. We try our best to serve all our passengers through all mediums. 

  • Irina Smirnova

    I nominate Regina Symphony Orchestra – @ReginaSymphony:disqus 
    don’t know how they do it, but their Twitter page is great, fun, and never boring. In  my opinion, they should win. 
    Vote @ReginaSymphony people!!!

  • Nomination: @Billians:twitter (Billian’s Health Data)

    They do a great job keeping a huge number of people in healthcare updated with events, hospital happenings, and trends.

  • Colin Owens

    For Nomination: Billians HealthDATA (@billians:disqus)

    I follow @billians regularly and appreciate the personal approach they take, always being quick to respond or engage.  They are also very aware of the types of information and material they engage with, further solidifying themselves as relevent and active players in areas that matter to organizations in need of information on the healthcare industry.  We have even taken the Twitter relationship to a face-to-face one (how novel in the social media age!) and have collaborated on a webinar recently. 

  • Joshua Apperley

    I would like to nominate the Regina Symphony Orchestra!  @ReginaSymphony is really fun to follow.  They always answer comments, and start lots of fun conversations.  They don’t push sales, but do a good job of keeping us posted on what the orchestra is up to.  @ReginaSymphony all the way!

  • I nominate @tmfproject:disqus  (The Middle Finger Project) Ashley is always helpful and true to her branding.

  • Chip Michael

    Regina Symphony
    @ReginaSymphony:disqus Engaging, funny, on topic and off… covering not just who they are as an orchestra, but connecting with people outside the classical community to broaden their reach and the exposure of classical music to a wider audience.

  • Fixing this earlier link (was posting from my phone then):
    Elysian Hotel:

  • Whitney Howell

    I’d like to nominate Billian’s HealthDATA (@billians). They have their finger on the pulse of healthcare news — especially the gritty details that are often ignored. As someone who lives, breathes, and works in healthcare news every day, I find the information they provide to be essential.


    have to give a ‘Shout Out’ to top Digital Marketing Agency Brand Nua!/Brandnua @BrandNua:twitter They have given us such an insight into top news in digital media from around the world. We run a fast paced business wishing we could have more time to keep up with the digital media world, but the info Brand Nua spreads on Twitter keeps us up to date. To think of a favourite piece of work from them recently..this springs to mind! Gotta Love it! 

  • @audi:twitter

    Highest Klout in the industry.

    Top 3 Twitter campaign of all-time (#WantAnR8)

    Highest engagement on twitter with a single tweet. Ever. 55.7%

    First brand to ever integrate twitter (hashtag) in a TV spot
    (Superbowl 2011)


    etc. etc. etc.

  • K Wicklein

    Save-A-Lot (@savealot:disqus)

    Save-A-Lot is incredible at maintaining a great community and responding to their customers. A really responsible and trustworthy brand, too!

  • Alyssa Pittet

    I nominate @ReginaSymphony ! They are a great example of an organization that has broken down its physical walls and engaged the global community through real and cyber space.

  • ReginaSymphony 

  • ncksimpson
  • ajsaluke

    Billian’s HealthDATA

    Billian’s always provides useful healthcare intel and presents it in a straightforward manner.  It’s really informative. 

  • Balizzm

    “I nominate the Regina Symphony Orchestra @ReginaSymphony for their
    innovative and creative approach to Twitter. Thanks to their dedication
    I now have a new found love for classical music!

  • Keely

    I nominate @ReginaSymphony as well. Great engagement, always fast with a relevant  musical link!

  • Hamilton Philharmonic

    We at the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra @H_P_O:twitter also nominate the @ReginaSymphony:twitter for their awesome Twitterness. They’re one of our favourite orchestras to interact with and have struck a great balance between conversation and promotion.

  • Jeremy Beckel

    I nominate the Regina Symphony Orchestra @reginasymphony . Always engaging, entertaining, and will always reply to a comment or a question. The best person/organization that I follow!

  • I have seen the online pressence of the @ReginaSymphony grow exponentially over the past year.  Not just in followers online but chatter out in the ‘real’ world. You dont need to be classic music aficionado to appreciate the projects they are involved in and they are opening the door to people that traditionally would not be interested in their offering. One of my favorite twitter follows.

  • Jeff

    I nominate Spike Mobile @Spike_mobile as Greg and Mike have done an awesome job in growing and engaging their followers in just a short time on twitter, as well as their aweaome twitter contests ROCK!!!

  • I would like to nominate @PurdysChocolate:twitter they’re very engaging, share lots of interesting things & also sell chocolate. Very effective use of Twitter!

  • Donellrice

    I would like to nominate FedEx, @FedEx… 

  • I nominate Spike mobile @spike_mobile for their fresh approach to twitter and brand building. Their tweets teach me something new every day.

  • I’m proud to nominate The Elysian Hotel, Chicago. @ElysianChicago:twitter Their authentic communication style goes unmatched in the world of hospitality. Each conversation facilitated boasts unique recommendations and thoughts that truly speak to their audience’s interests. The Elysian teaches and truly grows with their followers. This award would be well deserved. 

  • Thanks for the nomination Alica! I appreciate your kind words.

  • Thanks for your nice comment Jeff! Look forward to our Christmas Contest starting in a couple weeks!

  • The Rob

    Spike_mobile has my vote. @spike_mobile:twitter takes the time to engage, respond, and communicate with out that 4 letter word in the forefront: sell

  • Thanks Rob! I appreciate your kind words.)

  • Thanks Greg – we also enjoy following @canadogreg:twitter and keeping up-to-date on upcoming storms!

  • Thanks so much – you are our retweet king!

  • Thanks to @h_p_o …the Orchestra World and its fans have an official hash-tag #orchestralove.  Plus, we have shared many Polka Friday and French Horn Fridays enjoying some amazing music – a great organization that we are honoured to be associated with.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Great to hear – thanks so much!

  • I nominate @BlackBerryHelp for continuous tips and tricks and help information on how to fully utilize the capabilities of the Blackberry device…..keep it up guys 

  • @Jodster99

    I would also like to nominate @spike_mobile:twitter .  They are a top quality source for all things SMS Marketing related! they interact, communicate and share info that you can use.  Please consider them for your Top 10 Twitter brands.

  • Thanks Jodster! Really appreciate the nomination!

  • @Citysleuth_sk

    one of my faves is @ReginaSymphony – they actually convinced me to get season tickets this year – they are fun, engaging and informative!

  • Ellie A

    RIM BB Help is the best Twitter brand!! <3 them and nominate them! They are always available with fast solutions for BlackBerry users. Twitter: @Magic_62442

  • Thanks and we enjoy having you attend our concerts!  Always give great concert feedback.

  • Penny12162

    I nominate @BlackBerryHelp as I am a proud member of#TeamBlackberry as well as a loyal Blackberry user. Their response time amazing without even requesting help! They offer up extremely valuable information that I do not have to go looking for. They are definitely the go to account for any Blackberry user. @BlackBerryHelp always has the business goals in mind for Blackberry and their customers. Their twitter account is the most treasured of the ones I follow on Twitter!

  • @dua24empat

    I nominate @BlackBerryHelp for the @socialfresh Top 10. @BlackberryHelp always help me solve my problem. The status is very informative.

  • William Archer

    I am very pleased to nominate BlackBerryHelp for their great combination of tips and preventative maintenance as well as post-sales care and follow-up.  Even as a long time BlackBerry user there are the odd times that I’ve picked up something new from their tweets but, more importantly, when I got stuck they were right there with quick, personal, responses which got me on the road again. 

    Engagement: They’re the ideal combination of public and personal on Twitter.
    Entertainment: Lots of (sometimes cute) and very energetic tweets on How-to information. Clearly the folks behind the tweets enjoy their work.
    Conversion: I haven’t seen anything like it for the competing brands.  As new Smartphone users have to choose between many platforms and derivatives I believe that @BlackBerryHelp really sets the BlackBerry brand apart from the crowd.  It’s not the scary corporate data access device but a consumer friendly we’re-here-to-help-you brand.

  • Nominating @BlackBerryHelp:disqus. They always respond and do their very best to resolve issues in a timely manner.