The New Facebook Profile Picture Size (160 x 160)

by Jason Keath on May 02, 2012
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Facebook has changed the size of the profile picture on all pages, which means both your personal and business pages will need a quick refresh.

The new Facebook profile picture size is 160 x 160 pixels, which is noticeably larger than the old size of 125 x 125 (as you can see by Coca-Cola images below).

On April 26, Facebook automatically made this update and left many users and brands asking why their profile pictures were now so blurry. It’s a minor change but a must to fix. After all, no one likes a blurry brand image.

It’s also important to note that Facebook crops images when generating a thumbnail, so part of the image you use will be lost. This is why many users and brands end up dragging the image so it’s either centered or positioned correctly.

Facebook asks that you upload a profile picture that is 180 x 180 pixels and it will crop the image automatically.

Lastly, the new Facebook profile picture size changes the image position slightly. It now sits at 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the page. Again, you can see from the Coca-Cola images below there is a clear difference between old and new.



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  • ScottMeekhof

    Facebook has been requiring uploads of at least 180×180 for a while now, so the new size should only be an issue if your profile and cover pictures align somehow.

    Also, this happened a week ago and you’re just now posting about it? SocialStale.

  • The way Facebook haphazardly rolls out changes like this to its users, often with little notice or guidance, really makes me wonder what it’s like for the employees. Is every day a surprise to them as well? Full of rejiggering and clean ups in aisle 9? Maybe there’s a connection there.

    Thanks for this helpful post.

  • Oh, no! My Facebook profile pic looks blurry, now. I’ve to re-size it to 160 X 160 for a cleaner look. 

  • Exactly.

  • I wondered what Coke did to lose 400K followers?

  • Good one!

  • Faith

    I’m setting up a new business page and the profile image won’t load. I’ve tried 180×180, 160×160, 200×200. I’ve tried png, high quality jpg, low quality jpg. From both Explorer and Chrome. When clicking options from page, I get ‘error loading’ message. When accessing from album I get either a white screen (in Chrome) or ‘can’t load’ error. This has been happening for over a week, so it’s not a server issue. 

    I also manage 7 other business pages and have never experienced anything like this. Any ideas?

  • Pec

    Very easy … use Firefox ! I had the same issue with Chrome.

  • als

     I’m using Firefox and I’m having the same issue as Faith. I’m downloaded updated Flash and still no help. I’ve been having this issue for 3 days now…

  • Buy an Apple. Use any browser on it other than Windows Explorer.

  • TheWebTech

    Windows Explorer is a file browser, not a web browser. Don’t get an Apple because then you’re limited in what you can do dramatically.

  • kdzirkle

    Just curious as to what exactly you believe you can’t do with a Mac?

  • incognito

    Yeah wait, let me ask my donkey (who shits money btw) to purchase a mac ROFL XD and even if i get a mac for free, mac sucks!!! And buying a mac just to change from browser?! How retarded are you exactly?! Even on windows you can use browsers from mac you ignorant peace of shit!!! Let me give you some GOOD advice here goofy, before you comment like a retard, document yourself and think logically!!! Although for a retard like you, it must be very difficult to think logically about anything XD What you don’t have, you can’t use right?! XD

  • Matt

    So… I’ve created a high res .jpg at 180x180px for our brand page. For some reason, rather than cropping to 160px it appears that it resizes the entire image, because everything becomes blurry and when I tried uploading at 180px with a while 10px border around it resized and I can see the white border. Any suggestions?

  • ArTi ReDdy

    it so hard to choose a DP & when we resize it gets blur -_-

    hating this

  • Sorry mate, but that criticism of Apple is complete nonsense. I’ve used both Apple & DOS/Windows for years and posted many pics to Facebook from the Mac without any difficulty whatsoever.
    If someone is having problems with FB pics it is more likely to be an image format issue or an image that they “think” they have resized because they’ve adjusted it in an application viewer but not actually saved the original at the new size. Once they close the viewer, the image is still at its original size.

    The Mac v Windows thing is an archaic Furphy that was never true, except perhaps in its opposite, and should be buried forever.