The World's OTHER Social Networks

by Jason Keath on Jun 18, 2012

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Facebook is one of the most talked about, discussed, and dissected social networks in the world.

Ok, the most.

They are the king of the hill and recently went public, so it makes sense. They have also been very open about many of the stats relevant to their user base over the year.

Given, we know a lot about Facebook, economics blog took a look at who Facebook’s competition is in some of the world’s fastest growing economies. There are no Facebook numbers of course, but social media becomes more fragmented, the secondary players to Facebook are still very important.

The full’s interactive infographic is worth checking out here.

Here is a closer look at the above social networks and the countries that they call home:

Qzone – 480 million users



Renren – 160 million users


Badoo – 150 million users


Kontakte – 150 million users


Orkut – 66 million users


Odnoklassniki – 45 million users


Mixi – 30 million users


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