The Vine vs Instagram Battle Illustrates The Speed of Change in Social Media

by Kevin Vine on Jun 29, 2013
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I thought I’d share with you all some interesting observations I’ve made over the last couple of days in regards to Instagram Video & Vine.

Vine and the introduction of Instagram Video provide a fascinating case study which underscores how incredibly quickly things can shift in the realm of emerging platforms.

A mere three weeks ago, Marketing Land’s Matt McGee posted an article about how Vine passed Instagram in total Twitter shares.

vine wins

Yes, on June 4-5, there were more Vines posted on Twitter than Instagram IMAGES.

Fast forward less than three weeks to June 27 and we learn that after Instagram Video launches, Vine sharing tanks on Twitter.

instagram wins

And then yesterday on Mashable, we learn from Simply Measured data that twice as many Top 100 brands are using Instagram Video vs Vine.

brands on vine instagram

This, of course, is just one week in.

How can this be?

Is it possible that we’re seeing an artificial spike in the use of Instagram Video vs Vine among the Top 100 Brands due to the fact that these same brands tend to be early adopters and were quick to hop on the bandwagon of a new platform?

Or is this a glimpse of things to come?

In an interesting twist, just this morning, Marketing Land once again chime’s in with a chart created by Topsy that shows new data. It turns out the original chart that showed Vine beating Instagram in Twitter shares was mainly taking into account influencers. And that Instagram has been winning in Twitter shares all along.

vine instagram real picture

Where this all ends up of course has yet to be seen.

Clearly the fact that the introduction of Instagram Video didn’t require brands to have to recruit followers from the ground up (as was the case with Vine when it launched), gives it a quick early-on advantage.

Plus, without a doubt, the notion of having a full 15 seconds vs 6 to convey a message will certainly have a bearing in what types of content are used in each platform.

Nonetheless, I just found it fascinating how quickly things change in the world of social media and ever-emerging platforms and channels, and how it forces brands to constantly be on their toes.

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  • Meghan Cooper

    I think users are simply excited about the fact that they no longer have to switch apps to get a video now. I think this will be the slow dying death of Vine. Especially if Instagram allows you to embed in the future.

  • jameybrown

    Good read, Kevin. Thanks for the graphs. Instagram also wins because:
    – filters can be set over video
    – sound is controllable
    – Editing is segmented when you want to go back and delete a section of video

    Thanks for posting!

  • DoktorThomas

    While dimviewers may flock to video, crictalthinkingviewers have no use for video. It’s clumsy to handle, using it off computer is impossible, it is grossly time inefficient, most publishers have little talent at production, editing or writing, and whimsical industry trash like 3D always spoils the experience. Leading with a commercial is absolutely insulting as is including one/some anywhere within. (Just to cite the immediate off the top of head objections.)

    If entertainment is the motive, there are plenty of blogs all over the net that write some of the silliest and arcane stuff you’d ever want to read, trying to pass it off as substantive and “the next new thing.” Not unlike here.

    While uploads maybe clogging the net, video as a critical medium is not even close to out pacing books, which most Instagram and Vine viewers probably can’t read. (Gotta love public education in USA.) No reason to stoop to their level.

    Insightful video bloggers add transcripts to their meaty material–but that is an extreme rarity since “dumb and dumber” appears to be the current publishing standard. Unlike your readers I see little substance now and a more limited future for video blogging or rote home distributions. Guess that makes this article comparison next to worthless… ©2013

  • Sound is controllable in Instagram?

    I think Instagram might win initially simply because of size. They need to add an embed feature for businesses to use it more. The editing feature is great. Very easily copied though.

    I wonder how much video will be pushed to edge of Instagram though. Video is harder and cannot be made to look as good as easily as Instagram helped people show good photos. I suspect it will become a little used feature of a larger Instagram app.

  • The embed feature is indeed key.

  • Your concept of video being clumsy is more important than most people realize I think.

  • jameybrown

    Hey O! Not sound, “size of frame.” The minor zoom in feature in the center. Was thinking of sound and ended up writing it!

    Would like to see the embed feature as well. Interestingly enough, I still find myself (personal standpoint) using Vine regularly, but the difference I’m seeing is the content based on the amount of time I have.

    Very curious to see how this platform continues to get built out.

  • Arron George

    Instagram has seen instant success because of the existing of a current audience. Vine is a separate app, so has a harder job attracting users.

    Good article tho, as video has been tabbed as the next big thing for a few years now.

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