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by Jason Keath on Oct 12, 2015


Working in social media is like trying to ride a pony through a bouncy castle. I say this because of the chaos. The constantly changing landscape. And tools. And platforms. And rules.

You have to be nimble. You have to be brave. And you have to enjoy the ride.

This is why we created Social Media Current.

The common plight of social marketers is trying to stay up-to-date and CURRENT in an industry that changes every week. You read books. You read blogs. You listen to podcasts. You go to conferences.

You subscribe to a ton of emails.

And yet through all this, you know, that you are missing things. You are missing news. You are missing tactics.

But you do your best to stay current. To at least keep updated about the most important items to your career, your business, your clients.

Creating A Calmer Bouncy Castle

We’ve created one central solution that will make this easier for all social marketers.

We do a lot to help social marketers combat such a noisy and fast-paced industry. From our blog, to our weekly Tips newsletter to our Social Toolkit podcast.

But there is still a need for one central news source on social marketing. So we launched a new dead-simple website to do just that, Social Media Current (AKA SMcurrent).


The concept behind SMcurrent is simple. We send you 7 top links each day that summarize the top news and tips from the industry for a 24 hour period.

These 7 links publish on the website, on Twitter, and in a daily email that goes out each morning at 6am. So far, the daily email is the most popular for those who subscribe to SMcurrent.

Even if you don’t click on the links, just skimming through the headlines in your inbox each morning keeps you current.

And when you do see a how-to blog post or news article that is really relevant for you and your business, you can click through directly to the source.

You never have to land on our website. The goal is to make it very easy for the day’s top stories to reach you.

Your New Pony Awaits

Getting in on SMcurrent is simple.

  1. Head over to
  2. Enter your email and name in the form on the top of the right sidebar
  3. Hit subscribe

[Sign up here to stay current]

And that’s it. On the next weekday, you will start getting 7 links, every weekday, that keep you current on the social media industry.

Behind the Pony Show

The SMcurrent email goes out 5 times a week right now at 6am ET on Monday-Friday.


These links also go live on the website the night before at 8pm ET Sunday-Thursday.

Our editors pull together each day’s links each day using a custom search engine of all social marketing news sites and blogs.

Each editor has a 24 hour period to curate from so that no links can be included more than once on the site. They decide the order of the links. They write a short 120 character or less note and we schedule their links to go live on the site, over email and on Twitter.

Each day’s linkset strives for a balance between social marketing news and how-to style articles. We want to equally deliver changes to the industry as well as tactics that can help you improve your social media results.

The Editors behind SMcurrent

When we created SMcurrent, we wanted to make sure trusted and experienced editors were helping us curate the right links each day.

Each of our founding editors has worked in the industry for some time, helping clients with social and digital marketing. They are respected experts, speakers, and leaders.

1. Jim Tobin, Ignite Social Media

Jim is the President of one of the oldest social media agencies, Ignite Social Media, in Raleigh NC and author of many marketing books, including Earn It, Don’t Buy It.

2. Gini Dietrich, Arment Dietrich

CEO of virtual, digital agency, Arment Dietrich, Gini is also the author of @SpinSucks, a popular industry blog and more recently the book of the same title.

3. Tyler Anderson, Casual Fridays

Tyler is the Founder and CEO of social media agency, Casual Fridays. He is also the Executive Producer of Social Media Day San Diego and host of the Social Media Social Hour Podcast.

4. Nichole Kelly, Social Media Explorer

Nichole is the author of How to Measure Social Media and the CEO of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital.

We want SMcurrent to be a simple and easy resource for all social media marketers.

Click over to subscribe and to give us feedback for how it can help you best.

You can also let us know your favorite industry sources that help you stay current.

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