Video: The One Type Of Content That Marketers Need To Produce More Of

by Jason Keath on Nov 17, 2018

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Businesses want to spend more time with their audience.

Spending more time with your audience creates better customer conversions and building customer loyalty. I call this Trust Content.

The single biggest tactic that can help your business spend more time with your audience is video.

The Video + Social Blueprint

Social media is becoming all about video for several reasons, but from a basic standpoint it’s important to acknowledge that mobile technology and software have advanced, so it’s no longer painful to watch a video on your phone. It’s easy create video from your phone and it’s easy to share it. The channels and the technology are finally in sync enough to create enjoyable mobile video experiences.

Snapchat and livestreaming apps like Periscope and Blab are important tools for investing in more video content (notably, livestreaming and snapchat were the two most requested topics for this year’s Social Fresh Conference).

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s renewed focus on video content are also key ingredients. All of these platforms allow you to create video content that builds trust and allows your organization to spend more minutes and more meaningful moments with customers.

You should be looking at video opportunities on all of these platforms.

Compare the time you are able to spend with a consumer using video to the time you spend with a Tweet.

The modern digital world is very noisy. We’re consuming and producing more content than ever before.

This competition is causing old metrics of success to decline — pageviews are down, we are seeing less reach on social networks, less engagement with content across the board. There simply are not enough hours for all the content being produced to get seen.

Video offers the modern social marketer a unique advantage over the competition.

Consider these benefits of using video more in your social marketing.

1. Better storytelling

They call it storyboarding for a reason. When video is done well, it tells a story. It is interesting and compelling in ways that images and text cannot be. Snapchat is a great channel where you can test and learn how to tell a better video story.

2. More emotional

As customers, we react to emotion. Video offers the opportunity to express emotion through story, through moving images, compelling audio. If you are able to connect emotionally with a customer or prospect, you’ve managed to do something pretty rare in marketing your business. Rare, and very valuable.

3. More human.

Video gives your business the opportunity to put the people that make up and/or represent your company front and center. When a customer gets to know the people at your business, they build real connections and trust with you and your products.

4. Stand out

Most businesses are not creating compelling video content right now. And if they are, it is mainly being pushed on Youtube. Facebook and Twitter are emphasizing video content with better thumbnails, autoplay, and great ad options. Snapchat and livestreaming are also underutilized. If you strike now, most of your competitors will be playing catch up with you.

5. Better awareness

According to some previous research by social and video ad vendor, Mixpo, video ads in social are very strong at building awareness and supporting top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts.

Video can work for converting customers as well, and building trust, but if you want to scale awareness, it is one of the more powerful tools available to your business. Especially when you match it with the intricate targeting options now offered by Facebook and Twitter ad platforms.

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