The Top 21 Social Media Career Moves of 2012

by Jason Keath on Dec 20, 2012
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Career Moves

Social media moves fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.


Ok, so this is one of our favorite times of the year at Social Fresh. We get to do a lot of wrap up posts. Many of which highlight people and companies we all might of missed the chance to congratulate at some point during the year.

This is our third year highlighting the top social media career moves. Check out 2010 and 2011. So let’s take a look at the moves people made in 2012. In no particular order…

(If we forgot you or someone you know who made big moves, please link them up in the comments)

1. Adam Hirsch joins Edelman Digital

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as SVP, Emerging Media and Technology, previously at Mashable.

2. Chris S Penn joins Shift Communications

as Vice President Marketing of Technology, previously at What Counts.

3. Nicole D’Alonzo joins Kiehl’s, a L’Oreal company

as Global Director of Social Media, previously at Porter Novelli.

4. Dave Peck joins PayPal

as Lead Social Media Manager, previously at Fring.

5. Virginie Glaenzer joins LiveWorld

as VP of Marketing Marketing, previously at iLoop Mobile.

6. Jason Falls joins Cafepress

as Director of Digital Strategy, still at Social Media Explorer.

7. Bonin Bough joins Kraft

as Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, previously at Pepsi.

8. Adam Kmiec joins Cambpell Soup Company

as Director, Global Digital Marketing and Social Media, previously at Walgreens.

9. Justin Kistner joins Spruce Media

as Sr. Director of Product to head up product management and marketing, previously at Webtrends.

10. Shannon Paul joins Fifth Third Bancorp

as Vice President, Social Media Develop, previously at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

11. Zena Weist joins Expion

as Vice President of Strategy, previously at Edelman Digital.

12. George G Smith Jr joins Remy Cointreau USA

as Director of Digital, previously at PepsiCo.

13. Peter Kim joins R/GA

as VP Managing Director, Business Transformation, previously at Dachis Group.

14. Bob Stanke joins Minnesota Timberwolves

as Director, Interactive Services Oversees, previously at Life Time Fitness.

15. Marcy Cohen joins MasterCard Worldwide

as VP Social Media and Media Relations, previously at  Sony.

16. Bryan Sise joins Twitter

as Product Marketing Manager, previously at Lithium Technologies.

17. Kyle Lacy joins ExactTarget

as Principal, Marketing Research and Development, previously at MindFrame.

18. Brandie Feuer joins Bath & Body Works

as Director of Marketing, Social and Mobile, previously at Chateau20 Interactive Agency.

19. Chuck Hemann joins WCG

as Director of Analytics, previously at Edelman Digital.

20. Dean McBeth joins Ketchum Public Relations

as SVP of Digital & Content Strategy, previously at Barton F. Graf 9000.

21. Baratunde Thurston founded Cultivated Wit

as Founder, previously at the Onion.


If we forgot you or someone that you know, apologies. Please add it in the comments!


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  • Stuart Tracte

    I joined Ogilvy!

  • Jason Keath

    We ALWAYS miss people every year. Apologies to all of you that got left off. We will update the list.

    I already have two additions:
    – Tim Hayden joined Edelman
    – Ryan Cohn join Ron Cachs Communications

  • tamcdonald

    Would it be too self serving to add myself joining HuffPost Live. Not only did I move to NY, but HuffPost Live launched in August and it’s been an amazing experience. :)

  • Adrian Parker

    Good peeps… Some others off the top of my head:
    *Augie Ray to Prudential as Social Director (from USAA)
    *Cosmin Ghiurau to RadioShack as Social Director (from Samsung)

  • Naimul Huq

    I’d add Andrew Nystrom (@adnys) from Social lead at Red Bull to Global Community Manager for Nike this year.

  • Dino Baskovic

    I would add Mark W. Smith (@markdubya), Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing for USA Today. He joined Feb. 2012 and was formerly the technology writer for The Detroit Free Press.

  • Adam Zand

    I joined Instagram (well, at least, I downloaded the app). Not for nothing, but a follow-up post about what these people actually did in their new jobs would be more interesting to me.

  • Dave Van de Walle

    #18 has a protected Twitter account.

  • Dave Van de Walle

    Great list, though…all fine folks.

  • BlogWorld CEO

    This is a great list Jason! Stephanie Agresta @stephagresta just moved to MSLGroup as Global Director of Social and Digital

    There are others I know I am forgetting

  • Erin Turner

    Brian Snyder joins GolinHarris as director of digital in its Chicago office. Previously, he was head of digital and social communications at Whirlpool.

    Chris Baccus joins GolinHarris as executive director of digital media in the L.A. office. He joins from AT&T, where he was the executive director of digital and social media.

  • AD Nystrom

    Thanks Naimul. I heard you got a promotion to Senior something this year, too? At Nike, I’m focused on global Football (aka Soccer), which by my rough math is one of the biggest communities in the world. Only 540 days until the World Cup 2014 kickoff in Brazil. Happy holidays everyone.

  • Jeremy Wright

    Note to self: reach out to some of these folks, as many of them are clients since our recent series of mergers! Congrats to everyone on the list :)

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks for the reminder Tim!

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks for this addition.

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks Rick!

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks Erin.

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks for these additions Adrian!

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks Dino!

  • Jason Keath

    Another additions we need to include:
    @twitter-33774798:disqus ‘s move to Intuit and @Nick Cicero’s move to LiveFyre.

  • nickcicero

    Thanks @jasonkeath:disqus

  • Jameson Brown

    Great list, Jason! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anthony Galeano

    Amazing list thank you!

  • cosguru

    Thanks for the mention @twitter-33774798:disqus. Big things ahead for RadioShack social and beyond.

  • Tim Hayden

    Thanks, Jason.

  • Adrian Parker

    Congrats Nick! I hadn’t heard the news. Looking fwd to seeing you work your gift.

  • Adrian Parker

    Awesome… I’m a lifelong fan. ;)

  • Cindy Dunlop

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