4 Bullet Points For More Social Media Mastery

by Chris Brogan on Jun 30, 2013
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social media mastery

Are you ready?

Because we are going to make YOU a social media master!

Yes, right now. Right here.

Which tools will we use? What will we do? What’s the formula? What’s the secret?



1. The Goal Of Social Media Mastery

social media goals

What should your goal be in this effort?

I know. Sell lots and lots of stuff.

Or if you’re not into selling, get lots and lots of likes and comments and retweets and Klout. Right?

Or both. Why not? (I’d go for both, if I were hoping to be a social media master!)

2. The Tools Of Social Media

social media tools

What’s new? What’s even newer? Vine? That’s so March 2013.

Instagram video! Get that! Man.

People are going to be able to market the HELL out of anything with that.

Social? You can’t get more social than a MOVING picture of your food/cat/baby (sometimes all three).

Holy crap. We are going to EXPLODE with mastery if we use that.

Buffer. If you’re not using Buffer, you are wasting time!

Also, delete your blog and use Tumblr and maybe Facebook. Both amazing tools.

And you haven’t tried to connect with me on LinkedIN yet? What?

Are you cuckoo? Let’s get that going. Chop chop!

3. Action Plan For Social Media Mastery

social media action plan

1.) Set up accounts everywhere.

If the service isn’t even open yet, get an account by getting on the waiting list. Get accounts in places people haven’t been lately, too, like Orkut. You could RULE there because everyone else thinks (psssh! What do they know?) that it’s “dead.”

2.) Find interesting stuff to share with others.

Mashable. Lots of people like Mashable. Just share that. Also, retweet pretty much anything said by the following: @guykawasaki, @chrisbrogan, @garyvee, @marismith, and pick a few of YOUR favorite social media guru/master/ninja/rockstars. In fact, just set your accounts up to auto-tweet their stuff. Faster that way.

3.) Follow back everyone who follows you/friends you/circles you.

Reciprocity is the only way to be social. That’s why when I go see Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor patiently waits for all 20,000 people in the audience to play their full set list, too.

4.) Tell people they’re doing it wrong.

This one “always” works. You’re a social media master the moment you tell someone else they’re doing it wrong. That’s half of how I got as successful as I am, silly people. I told people they’re doing it wrong. They’d say, “We just want to post links to coupons all day,” and I’d say, “Pshaw! Connect. Try to relate to the people who buy your stuff.” Wrong! I’d call them Wrong! (If you were in my house right now, I’m singing this word out like opera – the music, not the woman who lots millions trying to make a TV station).

4a.) Don’t use a technology that’s more than a few months old.

Email? Whatever, Grandpa!

I don’t even think SMS is cool any more. I only send emails in emoji (don’t you dare write back and ask me what it is – you can Bing that stuff!)

5.) Spend the LEAST time possible talking to people.

Look for ways to spend the LEAST time possible connecting with people. Instead, find ways to automate as much as possible of your work. Even the stuff like “replying to people.” As if anyone actually has time to reply.

4. Can You Feel It?

social media mastery

Mastery is washing all over your body.

You could probably hit 100 on Klout if you shared what you learned right now.


I pretty much put myself out of business with this newsletter this week.

Man. I should’ve held something back.

I mean, what’s life going to be like now that you’re all social media masters?

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  • I LOVE this! Cheers! Kaarina

  • Ha ha ha love it. “Email? Whatever, Grandpa”. I wonder how many “social media ninja’s” will take you literally and think, wow he really gets my brilliance and mastery of social… ha ha ha. Great post Chris!

  • Brook McCarthy

    You’re totally wrong, dude. I’M the master.

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    I still want to see how many people posted something about “mashable” today!

  • Thanks!

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  • Mashable is that new awesome.

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  • Bryce Liggins

    You COULDN’T be more wrong!

  • I’ll start tomorrow on all of this… can’t wait!

  • tairua

    Unfortunately the link to the ebook does not work !!!

  • Jenni Hayman

    Epic is the new awesome, also, if my 16-year-old social media savvy weather vane is correct, everything is now “ham”

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  • Ravi Shukle

    ahha awesome post Chris, you forget to mention using multiple hashtags in every message to make sure people hear what you have to say. #SocialMediaMaster

  • Hadass Eviatar

    Love the pictures!!!

  • Arturo

    Thanks for the tips, jus a thing, Is for real what you say about to leave aside the blog and start a tumblr blog!?? Why is this? THANKS

  • When I got this to my email, I thought you were either hacked, or you drank WAYYYY to much magic tea! This is great!

  • Brenda Smith

    Chris, Thanks for brining me up to date in such a humorous way. I’ll give it a whirl!

  • Report back on your progress.

  • For serious.

  • PJ

    Love it – thanks!

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