Simple and Effective Tools for Social Media Automation

by Jason Yarby on Jun 29, 2015

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Social Toolkit 33: Meet Edgar, with Laura Roeder. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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This week we sat down with Laura Roeder, founder of Edgar, a new social media automation tool designed to prevent updates from going to waste, as well as, founder of LKR Social Media. Laura chats with the guys about Intercom, Confluence, Trello, the benefits and features of Edgar, Mailchimp, and the art of email automation.

  • App of the Week: Phind, a new mobile technology that identifies an image of any place (landmark, attraction, statue, business, etc.) taken by a user and provides relevant information aggregated from the top service providers (such as Foursquare, Yelp, Wikipedia, Factual, etc.).
  • Intercom is helping Edgar create a seamless account set up within the app itself
    • How she is using Intercom to guide new users of their app to become active customers through automated email and in-app messages
    • A simple automation tool to effectively assist users
  • Using Confluence and Trello to stay organized and productive with a fully remote team
    • The top use of Confluence for the Edgar team
    • How they use the two apps in conjunction
  • Edgar, the tool designed to prevent updates from going to waste
    • The benefits of using Edgar…hint: We love how effective the app is!
    • Uploading content to Edgar
    • Who is Edgar for?
  • Mailchimp effectively automated
    • A smart use of Mailchimp to attract new users of Edgar
    • Frequency of Email campaigns
    • Follow up sequence for leads vs. customers
    • What’s working for Edgar to generate new leads

Listen to Social Toolkit, Episode 33: Where we chat about the social scheduling service, Meet Edgar, with Laura Roeder. Download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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