Ep 12. A 3D Printed Dress - Savannah Peterson

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We discuss 3D printing everyday items, such as jewelry, to the bizarre, such as a dress. Savannah also talks to us about using Medium as a publishing tool, building community, Topsy, and other valuable digital marketing tips. 

Savannah Peterson’s Complete Toolkit

Phone: iPhone5s
Oher Hardware: Phone tripod when shooting product videos and quick clips. I use a studio set up (lights etc) when shooting something nice, so I keep the hardware off my phone and computer as I don’t think it quite compares
Saves time: Twitter
Saves money: Her intuition
Organization: Makers Notebook and my google calendar
Top Social Network: Twitter
Top 3 Social Tools: Tweetdeck, IFTTT, and the new twitter native real-time analytics
Content Discovery: Twitter (Lists), Shapeways, Instagram
Photography: Hyperlapse, VSCO, Instagram
Publishing: WordPress, Medium, Buffer, Twitter & Facebook native scheduling
Automation: IFTT
Analytics: Topsy, Twitter Ad Platform, Facbook’s Ad Platform
Game: QuizUp