The Stats Behind Pinterest Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Feb 08, 2013
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As Pinterest continues to grow, and looks to bring on more funding, more and more businesses are considering jumping in to the scrapbooking deep end.

Some clues also suggest that Pinterest ads could be coming soon.

Wishpong put together the below infographic, pulling together some of the more useful stats about Pinterest and its users from the last year.

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Pinterest Users

Source: Wishpond

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  • Very interesting. The buying power of Pinterest users is insane. 70% more money! Wow. I’d love to know more about the Socioeconomic standing of Pinterest users. I’m about to start a campaign for a friend’s jewelry store that she’s setting up on Etsy. I’ll be sure to post my findings on my blog. As always, thanks for the great info Jason!

  • Great infographic, thanks for posting. I think the mobile viewership of Pinterest would also be interesting from this perspective. Any resources on that?

  • Julie Pell

    Really interesting that 80% of Pinteresters are women I wonder why that is?

  • joe schaffer

    I was wondering also what is the reason for 70% more buying power? Is there just something about Pinterest that pulls an extra 70% out of everyones pockets? If so I should probably stay far away from Pinterest as I need to save my money!

  • Susan DeRemer

    I liked Pinterest until boards started disappearing. My most popular board on products the I liked disappeared, with no indication from Pinterest if it will every return – in fact it has been impossible for me to contact them directly. I used that board not only to share really neat things I found on the internet, but also as a wish list of sorts. I have tried twice to start a similar board and both have disappeared within 24 hours – being replaced with boards that ARE NOT mine. Needless to say I am afraid to post much any more. Has anyone else been able to get a definitive response from Pinterest?

  • Hi Jason,

    Thank you for posting our infographic!

    Tweet me at @Wishpond if you’d like any new ones!


    Nick Steeves
    Director of Marketing

  • Jeff

    Is the time spent on channel stat monthly or weekly?

  • Donna Saliter

    Very cool infographic! We don’t use Pinterest much for our business, which is a B2B digital marketing firm. What are your thoughts on the types of industries that would not benefit as much from Pinterest?

  • Donna Saliter

    Wow that’s too bad Susan! I haven’t done much with Pinterest, but sounds like its quirky problems and customer service are as good as Facebook’s.

  • missdk

    Probably because personal reference is more powerful than direct advertising.

  • missdk

    Women make 80% of consumer purchases :)

  • Susan- I’ve never heard of that happening! Crazy! I’d be upset if my boards were just disappearing. Did you have a ton of pins? Maybe they have a limit we don’t know about?

  • That is really upsetting. Pinterest is still a very small company employee count wise. They have had a hard time dealing with users and even businesses that want to spend money with them, on a timely basis.

  • Thanks Nick. Please pass anything along to in the future.

  • Not currently, but we will keep an eye out. Comscore probably has something on those stats, but I don’t know specifically yet.

  • I know have seen large income numbers on Pinterest, but last I saw the income level was below LinkedIn averages. There should be new numbers out on that this quarter. Will keep an eye on it.

  • I think B2B can hold off. It is a fun social network and infographics get shared a ton, but I would focus on blogging, email, SEO, and then maybe LinkedIn, Twitter for many B2Bs. Obviously start with your business goals and find the best place for them.

  • Not sure Jeff. Follow the link to Wishpond to ask. They created the original. Great question.

  • Keep in mind Pinterest is focused on bookmarking. Meaning the whole point of the service is to click through. Users click through to ecommerce sites with an open mind, ready to buy, a lot more than on most social networks. I think this is the main reason. But I am hypothesizing.

  • Kangkang Huang

    My social media class actually talked about Pinterest. It’s true a lot girl likes it. I am relative new to Pinterest. I liked it when I first signed up an account, but I have not been that active. What’s the main idea behind Pinterest? Why people like it? How can Pinterest target male in the future?

  • Jacko

    Hey Jason, your article bleeds useful information for my Internet Marketing Project. Thanks for the read, you earned a new follower.

  • Yunuén Hdz

    some of my boards have been disappearing as well! Precisely… 4 of them until now I’m really upset as well! They should fix the problem soon.

  • Anna Pham

    I am just wondering whether those information is only about US users right?