The First Real Pinterest Marketing Campaign

by Jason Keath on Mar 22, 2012

Or at least the first one to make a Youtube video about it.

The campaign is labeled, “the first Pinterest campaign in the world.” A bit of a stretch, since we have seen plenty of marketers and brands jumping onto Pinterest, to experiment. Many of them are testing engagement and contests.

But what Kotex has done, is launch one of the largest organized Pinterest marketing efforts we have seen, and the first we have seen that was managed by an agency (Smoyz, an Israeli creative advertising agency).

Plus, it is just a really cool campaign.

What They Did

Kotex identified 50 women, who were active on Pinterest. They researched what they pinned, how they expressed themselves, and then sent them a box of gifts that was customized to their taste.

It was essentially a creative influencer outreach campaign, that used Pinterest as its launch pad. Clearly, Kotex targets women as their customers. Pinterest makes a lot of sense for this campaign, since it holds such a high percentage of women users, and has so much growing media and user attention, right now.

Kotex used repins to opt-in the Pinterest users for the campaign. And, the women who received the gifts posted about them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

They sent out 50 total gift boxes, and saw over 2,000 interactions that created close to 695,000 impressions. What do those numbers mean? Not sure. But, I suspect Kotex created some pretty happy fans, with this campaign. And hey, we’re writing about it.

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