Pinterest Announces Redesign, Are Sponsored Pins Coming?

by Nick Cicero on Jan 28, 2013
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pinterest changesCould you be seeing a sponsored pin in the future?

That may just be the case, as today Pinterest announced a new evolution of their design and interface for users, rolling out soon.

The site, and its tiled design has become the aesthetic go-to for the social industry today.

Tens of thousands of brands use the site every day to visually connect with their audience, and this redesign seeks to improve the quality and context of information contained within each pin.

Here’s what’s new:


pinterest redesign

At a glance, the navigation, which had long been the center staple of the Pinterest homepage has been moved to the upper right hand corner of the site. Click on the new navigation icon to instantly hop to any number of categories like Art, Cars, DIY, and of course, Food.


pinterest redesign

Individual Pins are now markedly larger and now provide more context than ever before. Clicking on each pin will reveal pins from the same board, other boards this has been pinned to, as well as an awesome sidebar widget that will show other pins related to this one that you might like.

The new changes really put content discovery at the center of the user experience, as well as opening up a clear vision for marketers on the platform.

For users, related pins unlock a potential endless path of discovery for new products, recipes, and more. By continuing to interact and engage with your favorite brands and friend’s boards, Pinterest will work to deliver relevant content for you to consume.

For marketers, related pins clearly look and feel like an opportunity for an amazing new paid media component of Pinterest, as this sidebar is the perfect opportunity to start rolling out “Sponsored Pins or Boards.”

Unlike Facebook sidebar ads where location can often detract from their success, the placement possibility for paid promotion on Pinterest might as well be an eCommerce company’s wet dream.

Like that recipe for Sausage Bread that your Mom posted? Pinterest might serve up Betty Crocker  recipes based on those ingredients. Really dig that tank top? Say hello to Nordstrom’s Summer Style boards. The possibilities are endless.

Users interested in testing out the new Pinterest design can fill out this form to apply.

As a marketer, how are you looking to Pinterest to communicate with your community?

Are you in favor of “Sponsored Pins” and would you use them? Let us know in the comments.



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Nick Cicero is the Editor at Social Fresh and a Digital Marketing Consultant. Formerly of Expion and Livefyre, Nick has experience building social campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Winn-Dixie, Eminem, Teen Vogue and more. He’s a fan of playing...

  • dezinegirl

    Honestly, seeing the sponsored posts on Facebook is enough to piss me off. I LOVE Pinterest [was one of the first Pinners] and it’s my safe haven away from the rest of the world – especially advertising!

  • why does it piss you off?

  • Jay Perkins

    Some ads can be overkill but unfortunate fact of life, if we want these sites to exist they must make money from somewhere. Wonder how many would pay monthly to remove all ads :)

  • jasbanwait

    Actually, there are companies that already do sponsored pins and you probably didn’t even notice ex:

  • kat

    I wouldn’t mind limited & noted sponsor pins (like on fb). I suspect that companies are already advertising in some ways, such as having employees create accounts, build networks, and post for their products.

  • No one created Pinterest because they needed a hobby. Either they’re going to sell advertising or charge you to participate

  • I’d agree with you @e4d005c11f21e84a2bd11aebe7da0090:disqus that awareness and marketing happens inherently through the adoption of social throughout the business. What we’re thinking about is some sort of formalized paid advertising product from Pinterest.

  • Peggy Williams

    I’d rather pay than be inundated with “ads”.

  • Jay Perkins

    I suspect there are many who would Peggy, but also far more who wouldn’t :) Out of interest, how much would you pay each month to remove the ads?

  • Pinterest easily go in another direction and receive profits form affiliate links from people buying products after seeing something on Pinterest. They already tested it out a bit a year ago. No ones saying don’t make a profit, just don’t make it so obvious. Thats want really annoys me about sponsored links.

  • Their president publicly said they will not likely do this. That the profits were not enough. They might run into consumer trust issues if they had to label every link as “sponsored” or “affiliate”. Not sure on the actual economics of it, but who knows.

    Ads are the most likely route for them. And users will be fine with it after the sticker shock. Every media platform in the world that scales is supported by ads and we consumers get along with it just fine.