Omni Hotels Wants to Wow You with Twitter Outreach

by Summer Boone on May 20, 2010

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Omni Hotels has a presence online but each individual location has a key individual who handles guests specifically at that hotel.  Kelly Burnett is the rockstar who manages the presence of Omni Orlando and I was lucky to grab an interview with her.  It was this tweet that caught my attention and got me asking, “What ARE all the right reasons to use Twitter for a brand?”

Omni gets it. They have a clear understanding of why they use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. They do not use these tools for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon. They focus on the customer service driven culture they have developed. For Omni Hotels and Kelly, the right reasons to use Twitter are for engaging customers on a proactive level.

Kelly tells us in the video below that social media for Omni is focused on customer service before marketing.

Watch video here if you are unable to play.

Of course, when done right, really good customer service IS strong marketing. Omni wants to meet the needs of guests staying at her hotel before they ever have to ask. Social Media, especially Twitter and Facebook, is a tool to help them do just this. They are targeting the guest who has already decided to stay at her hotel.

Does it eventually lead to more sales and more revenue for Omni? Yes, but the focus is to create brand champions and a client base that will do the marketing on behalf of the brand. Because social media allows this process to be so personal, it makes it more than a job for Kelly, it is her passion.

Is Your Brand Translating the Company Culture through Social Media?

1. Clearly define your company’s culture.

2. Choose the platform(s) where your customers are and fits this culture.

3. Find the right people, the ones who are passionate about the company culture AND social media.

Summer Joy works for 3 Screen Productions. She carries a passion for community, brand evangelism, and social media.

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Summer works for 3 Screen Productions. She is a brand evangelist who is passionate about building community through social media. Offline you can find Summer investing in local teenagers and serving as a mentor in their lives....