Old Spice 'On A Horse' Guy Replies to Tweets On Youtube

by Jason Keath on Jul 13, 2010
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My good friend Wayne Sutton is a massive fan of the new Old Spice commercials. For a good portion of time, he ended every sentence with “on a horse, backwards.”

I love the commercials too. They are remarkable and very sharable. And of course making sure they are on Youtube was a smart move by Old Spice.

So I was very happy to see them take a very “sharable” campaign and make it “social.” They are now tweeting in the voice of the commercials and with the actor from the commercial as the avatar. This is great integration.

And to take it a step further, they are now shooting personalized Youtube responses to messages on Twitter.

I shot a message out on Twitter the other day about how I loved the new Old Spice commercials. Like I said, they are shareable. They make me smile. It was pretty cool to get a reply message on Twitter in character from the @OldSpice account.

But, doing a commercial style Youtube reply? That takes things to a whole other level. THIS is remarkable stuff.

The work is being done by the Wieden + Kennedy agency. Props to all involved.

UPDATE: Other videos are rolling out as replies to Youtube videos and Yahoo Answers:

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  • clayhebert

    This is a great integration. Impressive work by the W+K folks. This takes engaging consumers to a whole new level. Maybe this particular tactic is not ultimately 100% scalable but nonetheless, it's very innovative. Keep us posted. Thanks, Jason.

  • That's awesome! My kids LOVE these commercials! hahaha

  • Hilarous!!! love it!

  • IceBeam

    Yeah, so impressed *zzzzzzzzzzzzz*

  • Meaning this puts you to sleep? What is your critique? Genuinely curious.

  • Cheapskate Sandy

    The best ones are the private ones that were sent as replies to the individuals that left comments or random responses to comments left on websites that aren't listed as one of their public videos on Youtube (you can only find a few of those links on their twitter feed). Those are the ones I bet they're hoping to go viral as the individuals that receive those responses share them with friends, etc. Brilliant.

  • Agreed. Loving the fact that they are sending them to big names and not so
    big names. The ones in reply to random Youtube comments are some of the
    funniest ones.

  • Rab

    Now this is real social media.

  • Rab

    The memories of SXSW and the road trip to Austin “on a horse backwards” still haunt me to this day.