What If Mad Men Was About A Social Media Agency?

by Jason Keath on Mar 27, 2013
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Don TweetsMad Men, one of my favorite TV shows, comes back on April 7th and I am pretty psyched.

Mad Men is based in the golden age of Madison Avenue. When creativity and money flowed like bourbon and inappropriate behavior toward women.

Sterling Cooper, the fictional agency in the series, is an Ad Agency. They get paid to create and distribute radio and print ads. And as the show progresses, TV ads.

But what if, instead of a 1960s ad agency, Sterling Cooper was a 2013 social media agency. Complete with ping pong table, office in Falt Iron, and instead of copywriters — they had a few dozen community managers.

So, in the spirit of David Letterman, here are the Top 10 signs that Sterling Cooper has become a social media agency.

As you watch the next season of Mad Men, keep an eye out for these warning signs.

(PS. Thanks to a few smart folks on Facebook for several of these, credit listed below)

Top 10 Signs Sterling Cooper Has Become A Social Media Agency

1. Don Draper would always be giving speeches in the office about how “viral” doesn’t just happen, “we” make it happen. (via @ronschott)

2.  Pete Campbell, who whines every six seconds about something, earns the nickname “Vine.” (via @dough)

3. Sal would come back and run the real-time content department, pumping out Oreo-esque images like a machine. (via @ronschott)

4. Harry leaves the agency, creates a startup focused on Facebook ads, gets bought by Sterling Cooper and brought back into the fold.

5. Everyone drinks Red Bull instead of whiskey. (via @noyesjesse)

6. Everyone is “pretty sure” that Joan is be behind the @SterlingElevator gossip account. (ala @CondeElevator)

7. Most of the agency would be fired or arrested for the crazy stuff they pull and trying to hide it in a world where Twitter exists. (@nikisnotes)

8. The show would immediately become unwatchable and boring because everyone would be staring at their monitors and smartphones instead of talking to each other. (via @jchernov)

9. Joan would get 2,345 follower requests on Instagram a day because her profile picture is just a tad risqué. (via @ronschott)

10. And, of course, Don would pitch Facebook on this totally new concept that would redefine the social network once and for all, Timeline. (via @ryancohn)

BONUS ROUND (we had a few more than 10)

11. Pete Campbell would always try to be “first” on every post. (via @ronschott)

12. Bert Cooper would be the CEO that refuses to get on Twitter. Since he doesn’t even answer his own email yet.

13. Fueled by their commitment to daytime drinking, Sterling Cooper gets shut down after way too many “Getting Slizzard” rogue tweets get sent out on client Twitter accounts.

14… Add your one liners in the comments!

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  • I LOVE the list, Jason! Especially since you and I first connected via @PeggyOlson. :-)

    I think you (and your pals) should join Peggy’s creative team at CGC. They’re the new up and comers: http://bit.ly/TeamPeggyList

    Go #TeamPeggy!

  • Angelica Carol

    Betty and Megan get into a digital war of words via Facebook, and a furious Don gets in touch with Zuckerberg to have both of their accounts shut down.

  • Peggy constantly tweets after hours that she is still at the office working so that everyone knows she is such an invaluable asset to the company.

  • Great list!

  • NeverMissGift

    A twitter feed run by Betty called @DonDraperSux posts daily tweets insinuating that Don’s sexual prowess is highly overrated.

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  • Don Draper is trolled on his official account by someone simply known as @NotTheRealDickWhitman

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