Lowe's To Launch 90% Off Coupons Through Facebook

by Jason Keath on Oct 21, 2010
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Talk about making a splash. Lowe’s Home Improvement is planning on releasing a massive Facebook campaign early next month that will give their Facebook fans 90% off certain products.

They will host this “Black Friday Sneak Peek Party” on the Lowe’s Facebook page starting at 12:01 am on November 5th. The campaign will last for three days and provide secret codes to fans only available through watching short videos.

Each day a short 20-30 second video will be shared on their Facebook page and in each of those videos will be that’s days 90% off coupon code.

The coupon code is eligible to be used in their online store on “certain items.” And while that “certain item” piece of the story is potentially a huge restriction, 90% off anything is sure to push quite a bit of attention their way.

One of the videos will be straight from Lowe’s official NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson (four time, back to back NASCAR championship winner).

Lowe’s has been consistently investing more in their Facebook presence, incorporating  their very robust Youtube content, in store demonstration calendars, and growing a healthy organic following of 130,000 fans. A campaign like this should bring plenty of new fans though and step up the scale of their community on the world’s largest social network.

This largely looks like a major push by Lowe’s to grow the size of their audience on Facebook. Maybe so that they can follow up a couple weeks later during the Black Friday weekend and move this new audience into their brick and mortar stores? Either way, you might as well go and like them on Facebook now. You know you are going to do it anyways for that 90% off next month.

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  • Good idea on their part. It got me to like them even though I’m pretty sure I won’t act on the discounts – how often do we actually end up taking advantage of these promos?

    BTW, I like how they tried to match up their fall graphic (top left of page) with Facebook’s layout but failed. Facebook should really make that company logo easier to do well. Especially since they don’t make any effort to support transparencies. *sigh*

  • Did not even notice that Adam, but yeah, those Facebook images can be tough to do well sometimes. I think if Lowes made that specific profile image the full 200px by 600px it would be easier to match up. But who knows. I have failed at that before as well.

  • I’ll be curious to see the details:1. If the 90% is applied to a wide and deep variety of items – they lose. Seriously why would you offer 90% off regardless of the medium. Reminds me of the early days of the Internet where you paid someone a dollar if they spent a nickel. 2. If its a limited number of items – they lose. Imagine the uproar if the items are all under $53. What if its like many Black Friday specials where quantities are limited – they lose. 3 people get 90% off a lawnmower and thousands feel duped.Will I “Like Them”, of course. But is there a high risk of this blowing up in there face. You betCall me pessimistic, but I hope they have really thought this thing through.

  • Fair points all around. Reminds me of the KFC Oprah promoted coupon that blew up in their face. I hope they have a good plan as well. The more experimenting the better in the industry.

  • Does this sound like Groupon on steroids to anyone else? Perfect example of a company going after the wrong metric — solely likes. Or at least it could be, unless Lowe’s has a plan to consistently interact with the new fans this gets them.

    Begs an even bigger question. If you’re B2C retail, people expect deals. I get that. And they’re easier to track. But what’s the right combo of 90% offs versus relationship building that research shows creates loyalty, trust and brand advocacy in the long run? That long term vs short term balance thing again.

  • Apparently it’s not just “liking” them – there’s an RSVP for the event that must be accepted as well.
    Still – interesting experiment!

  • Hate to say I told you so…but I told you so….


    100 coupons handed out for a mixer??? A crashed server and a angry mob on Lowe’s FaceBook account (http://j.mp/9ghPns). ok Social Media “gurus” what say you?

  • Brenda Price

    I worked 4 Lowes 4 3 years. Lowes specializes in great customer service as well as great sales and bargains 4 the consumer.With my experience as a Lowes employee as well as a Lowes consumer I can assure everyone that they go out of their way 4 customer satisfaction and try to offer 2 consumers a broad range of sales as well as afforadable items.Coupons are great and I truly commend them on their 90 percent off offers.instead of being pessismistic take advantage of what they have 2 offer.You never know,there’s always a pot og gold at the end of every rainbow.