How to find Twitter Chats and Live-Tweeting Events

by Nick Cicero on Oct 23, 2012
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Twitter has always been a platform anchored in communication and live-tweeting has become the backbone for extended network participation by users.

From industry-specific Twitter chats to TV shows, sporting events, and most recently, the debates, the hashtag explosion has enabled real-time conversation from a much larger audience. This week’s presidential debate alone had 7.2 Million Tweets surrounding the hashtag #Debates in just under two hours.

Live-tweeting has become so popular in fact, that Twitter has actually defined it.

Live-tweet (v.): to engage on Twitter for a continuous period of time—anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours—with a sequence of focused Tweets. The focus can be a big live event that everybody’s paying attention to (e.g. a TV show or an award show) or it can be an event you create yourself (e.g. a Q&A session with your fans).

The problem with this influx of live-tweeting is that up until now there has been no way to keep  track of them all. And while some pulled together lists on blogs or in Google Docs, there was no true centralized schedule for any and all live-tweeting taking place.

Enter: Chirp Guide.

Reading almost like a “TV Guide for Twitter,” the Chirp Guide site catalogues live-tweeting communities across a number of popular categories to answer the simple question: “Is someone live-tweeting that?”.

Users customize feeds based around categories and can drag selected tweeters in (and rejected tweeters out), to create personalized streams within those categories. Anyone who has fallen victim to “hashtag hijacking” by spammers will appreciate this feature.

“Chirp Guide is a resource for social media savvy consumers to find out who is live-tweeting about events and topics they love,” said founder Rob Schutz.

It’s not just about consumers though, anyone hosting a live-tweeting session can register them on the site too, offering brands or organizations the ability to have more reach for their own events. Chirp Guide not only offers a great directory, they actually suggest new chats for users to participate in.

If you haven’t tried your hand at live-tweeting, now is definitely a good time to start. Here are a few tips:

1. Introduce yourself

Make sure you introduce yourself in the Twitter chat so people know who you are, what you’re representing, and it’s a great way to break the ice.

2. Talk to others

Part of the fun of a Twitter chat is the ability to meet new people anchored in a particular interest. React to other’s responses, create side conversations, and build your network.

3. Warn your followers

While Twitter chats are great, they also can turn off others easily. Sometimes a quick tweet saying “I’m going into #xchat for a while – pardon the tweets” or something similar helps to alert your network. It also may also bring in new people to the conversation, you never know!

I’m always looking to find new groups of people to tweet with, so leave your favorite Twitter chats or events to live-tweet in the comments below.

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  • DJ Chuang

    There are several other forms of facilitating and/or aggregating live-twitter chats, aka hashtag conversations, namely, and

  • I’m a big tweetchat fan for Twitter Chats

  • Veronica

    I am a huge fan of tweet chats! I think they help with engagement and help you gain more followers as a result. I enjoy participating in #HFChat (Fridays at noon EST) and #MillennialChat (Tuesdays at 330p EST) for the handle @VocusCareers. Any career-related chats are a great platform to serve as a resource for those who are jobhunting. It is also a great way to drive traffic back to our blog:

  • I really like the idea of Chirp Guide because
    there are so many people now who love live tweeting and having the ability to
    meet others. Social media sources are becoming more and more prevalent. These live
    tweets are a great way to be informed of the most recent news, meet new people,
    and express your thoughts.

  • NeverMissGift

    Very cool – I often wondered how to find relevant conversations / ways to meet folks with similar interests on twitter (other than the one I stumble upon via the folks I follow). Right now I need to find an Entrepreneur support group :-). I will definitely try some of these tools.

  • #3 warn your followers is pretty important. Forgot to do that a few times and ended up losing followers. Havent seen Chirp Guide but will check it out. I did, however,
    find this pretty extensive list of Twitter chats