How Social Media Examiners Use Livestreaming, Blogging, and Podcasting

by Jason Keath on Feb 01, 2016

How Social Media Examiners Use Livestreaming, Blogging and Podcasting

Michael Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) joins the Social Toolkit to share his vast wisdom on everything media and marketing including how to optimize search engines, new audiences, and new medias.

Michael is the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner. He also hosts two podcast, the Social Media Examiner Show, and The Social Media Marketing Podcast. And just because he’s not busy enough, he’ll be hosting the next Social Media Marketing world Conference in San Diego.

Michael is sure that the next BIG thing is LIVE video. He also stresses the importance setting realistic goals, giving yourself at least a year to get a blog going, and most importantly of all is delivering content consistently. Oh, and he loves podcasts and thinks they are a core way of creating a loyal and meaningful following.

Social Media Examiner’s main goal is to help you navigate the constantly changing landscape for marketing, and is the world’s largest media marketing resource.

“I want to own it.”  —Michael Stelzner (highlight to tweet)

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