How Public Relations Impacts SEO

by Jason Keath on Dec 19, 2012
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Shift Communications made a very smart hire a couple weeks ago when they picked up Christopher S. Penn.

Chris is the author of White Belt Marketing, lead contributor to the Marketing Over Coffee podcast, a Social Fresh Conference speaker and contributor. Among many other things, he is also one of the smarter analytical minds in social media marketing.

Chris has not been at Shift long, but already he has a great video up about the impact PR can have on your business SEO goals.

He talks in simple terms about how getting stories published about your company without links and being talked about on Twitter and Google+ can lift your search marketing results.

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  • Christopher S. Penn

    Thanks for the kind words and the reshare!

  • Terry Van Horne

    Yeah co-citation is not new it is as old as Google…things do exist before Rand Fishkin discovers them. Also titles and other old stuff still works dude…clearly you are talking about things you know very little about! Social for the most part is not indexable look at the robots.txt of twitter!

  • Corey Creed

    Nice comments, @cspenn:disqus . I know you are big on analytics and not just theory. So I would love to hear more someday about the proof of Social and co-citations affecting search rankings. It’s a nice theory. I do believe it’s true to a certain extent. But I’d love to see the testing and analyics on how true it is.

  • Cendrine Marrouat

    @cspenn:disqus, loved this video! I knew all these things already, but I enjoy reminders. You did a fantastic job explaining everything! Thank you.

  • tomshark

    Interesting points, but I disagree that Google+ improves organic ranking for those not logged in to Google. Obviously, you do want to use Google+ and get +1s so that people who are logged in and in your circles will find your content easier, but that’s about it.

  • Frances Caballo

    Great short video. While I know that some SEO experts are lamenting the “old days” of backlinks and spinning, I’m really glad that great content and social signals are now the links to good SEO. You explain this process very well. Thanks!

  • @steveplunkett

    Chris.. love you to death.. but stop talking about 3 minutes in..that is where it goes to SEO and the information is incorrect. again.. great up until that point.. title tags matter in the biggest way ever.

    #1 Ranking does matter it has to do with conversion, bounce rate, keyword relevance, etc.. personalized search is something you should turn off if you look at SEO..

    Thanks. =)

  • Rich11

    Seems Ronn Torossian of 5WPR is writing a lot about SEO work and Public Relations firms at Search Engine Journal – and sorry Chris but Ronn seems much more right on. But yes your links shall still work – but read his stuff at:

  • Rich11

    Did you say number 1 ranking doesnt matter that much ? WHAT???

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