How Much Money Do Community Managers Make? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Jan 10, 2011

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Community Manager

Community managers are the quiet gatekeepers of social media marketing.

As the first line of contact for many companies investing in the social media space, community managers have some of the best insight into where a brand stands with it’s customers.

As more companies invest in Facebook pages and Twitter account and blogs, they need community managers to run these accounts. Sometimes even before they fully develop long term strategies.

The Wonder Years

Community management is a very new role in almost all companies. And because of that the roles and responsibilities that accompany the title range from that of an entry level position in charge of tweeting to a Director or VP level role encompassing high level strategy and brand input.

This is reflected clearly in our research. The age is 29 years old. The range of marketing experience is 15 years. And the most telling stat is likely salary range, from $30,000 to a surprising number of community managers that make 6 figures.

The roll of community manager has emerged from adolescence into the awkward teenage years. Not knowing what it wants to be or how to get there.

As the role evolves, we expect to see an increase in the number of positions that make up the community management hierarchy — from interns to assistants to Directors of Community. These roles, as a whole, will become more common, receive greater and greater responsibility and become more valued for their access to consumer honesty.

Stats On Being A Community Manager Infographic


Infographic Data Spelled Out

Average Salary

  • $49,700.00

Most Popular Community Manager Cities In Order

  1. NYC
  2. San Fransico
  3. Boston
  4. Denver
  5. Austin

Gender Breakdown of Community Managers

  • Female 68%
  • Male 32%

Job Type

  • Full Time 89%
  • Freelance/Contract 6%
  • Part Time 5%

Additional Data

  • Total Community Managers surveyed 143
  • Average Marketing Experience 5 years
  • Average Age 30 years

Community Managers by Region

  1. Northeast 37%
  2. West 21%
  3. Southeast 16%
  4. Southwest 14%
  5. Midwest 12%
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