Here Come Google+ Ads

by Jason Keath on Dec 19, 2012
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Google+ recently added communities, matching Facebook groups as a feature.

And in September we learned that Google+ now has 100 million monthly active users (MAU). That likely puts it ahead of LinkedIn (only estimates available). Twitter recently crossed the 200 million MAU mark and Facebook is over 1 billion MAU.

All signs point to Google+ putting more and more of the pieces in place that they need to become a respectable social network. Meaning, they are now competing with the largest social networks in the world with both features and user numbers.

And soon, another important feature will be added, Google+ ads.

Digital agency Virante shared the above screen shot from the Google Adwords website. In the image, Google is promoting ads for your Google+ Page “Get customers to your Google+ Page.”

You can currently create ads to promote your Twitter account or your Facebook page. You can even put ads on LinkedIn. And it looks like soon, you will be able to use Google Adwords Express to promote your local business on Google+.

Adwords Express is an easier to use version of Google’s search ads targeted for small businesses.

How Google+ Page Ads Are Different

One important difference when compared Facebook ads is that these new Google+ ads look like they will only live outside of Google+.

These ads will exist where Google search ads already exist, in Google search and Google maps. And the key here is they will be shown to people looking for your business. Google search ads are effective because there is intent, we search when we are looking to answer a question. When your business is the answer to a question, revenue follows.

In marketing speak, Facebook ads are better at middle of the funnel efforts, while Google ads are better at bottom of the funnel efforts.

These new ads are targeted for small businesses, advertising locally. That is what the Adwords Express product is for. So this may be a bigger deal for Yelp, as a Google Local competitor, than Facebook. Either way, it is a new way for businesses to think about advertising their business, and social networking profiles.

Update Dec. 20, 2012: This little widget which says “Advertise your Google+ page” showed up on on the Social Fresh G+ page today in the sidebar. Unfortunately when you click through, you get a broken ad options screen still.

Sidebar widget:

Broken ad options page:

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  • Thanks for the heads-up Jason!

  • Thanks for sharing Jason, I did not notice the ads on my pages, I’ll have a look at it asap.

  • Thanks for sharing my article from the Virante blog, Jason.

  • Matthias, as far as we know even just this AdWords Express version is not active yet. The link to it was seen by only one Google+ user that we know of, in the sidebar of her G+ Page. When she clicked on the “Get Started” button, it went to a 404 page. It is likely that this is a planned feature that was shown to her accidentally.

  • Interesting new development. Google+ definitely has the community for it and it keep growing every day. It will be another marketing tool for local businesses, and seemingly an effective one. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Although this is not a live feature yet, it’s important to note that Facebook and Twitter Ads actually put ads ON Twitter and Facebook. These “Google+ Ads” are not ads ON Google+ (at least not yet). They are ads on other websites and search engines TO Google+.

  • It’s a great post. The comments on that particular post are getting quite interesting, @trappermark:disqus. I would encourage our readers to follow that blog as well. There’s some hot information on Google+ in particular there.

  • Ads for Google+, better late than never. Lets see how it goes for Google+.

  • Ross Quintana

    Yeah a big difference is unlike Facebook, you probably won’t get diminished page views until you buy ads. Nice post Jason

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