Google+ Pages, 11 Tips To Get You Started

by Lisa Peyton on Nov 08, 2011
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Google+ pages launched for everyone yesterday.

And there have been tons of businesses creating pages for the last 24 hours. From news to fashion to the Muppets.

And, yes, Social Fresh has a Google+ page already, too.

So what is the difference between a Facebook page and a Google+ page? AllFacebook pointed out these 3 interesting comparison points yesterday:

  • Google Plus has the +1 button, while Facebook has the like button;
  • Google Plus has Hangouts, while Facebook has video chat and group chat with Skype; and
  • Google Plus has Circles, while Facebook has smart friend lists.

You can create a Google+ page for your business right now if you want. We already have a post up on How To Create A Google+ Page. Once you do, use these 11 tips to get your business started and moving in the right direction.

1. Use Google+ as a Page

To manage, edit or cruise Google+ AS your page, simply go to your Google+ profile homepage and click on the small down arrow under your name.

Easily manage your Google+ pages by clicking on the down arrow by your profile name.

2. Add Images To Your Photostrip

To add images to create a ‘photostrip’ effect, click on the blue ‘edit profile’ button and then click ‘Add some photos here’. (

Create a photostrip effect by adding photos to your Google+ page.

3. Use Public Albums

Be sure to share photos with all followers, as albums in the Photos tab are visible only to people with whom they’ve been shared.

4. Use Photo Geo Location

If you want to show geo location information in newly uploaded albums and photos, be sure to check the box under the ‘Photos’ tab when editing your page. (Shown below)

Geo location check-box feature in Google+.

5. Fill Out Page Circles

As your brand page, you can start adding other Google+ members and pages to your ‘circles.’ In order to add people to your circles, they need to add your page to their circles first. The page circle options include:  Following, Customers, VIP’s and Team Members. There are several options allowing you to control what follower info users can view on your page’s sidebar.

Google+ page owners can control how much user data is shown on their pages.

6. Know How Comments Work

Your personal G+ profile can comment on brand pages, even if you haven’t followed them. However, I wasn’t able to comment on a brand page AS another brand page, whether I was following that brand or not.

7. Host a Hangout

Google is pushing ‘Hangouts’ or video chats for businesses. This feature allows a brand to start live, face-to-face conversations with followers. The Muppets were one of the first to promote a live hangout on their Google+ page. You can see a video snippet about the event along with other Google Plus Hangouts here:

8. Connect to Other Platforms

The ability to update Facebook and Twitter from Google+ is on the way. Google has given limited access to their Google+ API to developers and I’m sure additional access will be granted soon. All the API and geeky tech stuff you ever want to know can be found here:  Google+ Platform Developers – If you use Chrome, you can install one of my fave Google+ sharing apps, Publish Sync. This app allows you to update both Facebook and Twitter from your Google+ profile. Currently, the app doesn’t work for my brand page, but it could soon.

9. Disable Comments Option

You can disable comments on posts you share via your Brand page. When you disable comments on a post, other people will no longer be able to leave comments (but they can still +1 and reshare it).

Google+ affords brands the ability to disable comments on posts.

10. Plus One or Circle

There are currently 2 calls to action for your potential followers: Have them ‘circle’ you (or add your brand page to their circles) and +1 your page. It’s unclear currently how Google will leverage those who are +1-ing your page as it appears simply taking that action doesn’t allow the user to get any brand updates.

As mentioned above, Google is calculating how many users +1 your page into their search results. And they are still the masters at search. So it makes sense that this will be important in Google Search. We will have to wait and see.

11. Custom URL

Google isn’t yet allowing for customizing your brand page URL. However, there have been several tools created for that purpose. I used this one to shorten my brand’s page: Social Fresh is simply redirecting their URL as a short cut to its page. So there are a few options out there if Google lags behind on this issue or, worst case, never offers this feature.


Have you noticed any other Google+ page tips we should include? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Has anyone figured out how to allow other google+ users to admin your page? 

  • John

    Stupid question…how do you get your to go straight to google+?  Maybe I’m really tired…but I need some help.

  • Suzanne

    I’d love to know the answer to this one as well…

  • Adam

    mee too!!!! ;-( I have one page, but I would like to add second administrator… Where have I to go???

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  • G+ is only allowing one Google account per page right now, but multiple admins seems to be the most requested feature so far, so we expect a change soon. Stay tuned.

  • We used a 301 redirect. You can do this through most hosting platforms OR the 301 redirect wordpress plugin.

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  • Anonymous

    Lisa, great tips, I mentioned this link in a post that I’ve written. I like the suggestion of the simple redirect It will be interesting to see how google progresses with this…and with the admin issue, which reminds me of google places, bummer. 

  • Jay Shapiro

    Has anyone figured out how to see the list of G+ users who have +1’d your brand page? I can see how many have done it, but can’t find the list. We’ve offered free entrance into our Beta of for people who have +1’d us, but I can’t find the list!

  • I suspect +1s act the same way on G+ as in the search results, you only get a count, and maybe you get to see those that +1 if you are connected to them through your social graph (and Google can see it).

  • and me

  • Hi Lisa, Thanks again for your social media insights. The SocialFresh daily eletter is part of my morning read. I’ve been wrapping my head around Google+ for the past week (not exactly user friendly when compared to the whole social-media-for-idiots approach used by Facebook – no slam on Facebook, I appreciate the ease). This morning’s articles have een quite helpful. Again, thanks.


  • It would be nice if comment sections had edit functions for after-posting. I hate leaving misspellings and bad grammar in my wake. ;-)

  • You mean like on Google+ Kurt? Thanks for the suggestion. If you have a Disqus account, you can edit. Will look into options to see if we can allow edits for that without an account, but I don’t think we can.

  • Thanks for the kind words. So glad you are getting value from what we put together Kurt. Please do share with your online community if you have not already.

  • Amandah

    Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc., I’m not sure how I’ll fit Google+ into my already busy schedule. I need to hire a social media manager. Lol!

  • +1 seems confusing to many as when someone likes your page on facebook he/she will be updated which is false here user have to circle your page in order to get updates!

  • may be you should delete your stumbleupon account in order to use Google+

  • +1 for this feature!

  • you can’t but keep your fingers crossed!

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  • Funny how this is an article (a good one too) about Google+, but there’s no +1 button for it. LOL.

    I’m using the new Google+ Page as well as Facebook Fan Page at the same time. I think it’s good to jump in early with Google+. Those who put my page in their circles will have less options for what to add in their circle and I’ll get more exposure in their stream compared to Facebook’s News Feed. That said, Facebook is certainly King. It would take a lot to knock Facebook off its throne.

  • How do you add another page? When I go to add a page, it defaults to my personal profile…

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  • Rebaulanoff

    Are brands able to control the names/categories of their Circles above and beyond “Following, Customers, VIP’s and Team Members”? I’d like to be able to create circles based on content. 

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  • Another great article on the new Google+ Pages. I think the Hangout feature will provide for some unique brand/consumer interactions. I recently wrote a post about what I think will be some highlights of G+ Brand Pages, Direct Connect may be my #1.

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  • Can I turn my G+ profile into a page? I’ve always used a pseudonym. 

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the truth.  Anyone who is a small business owner must like me be going loco trying to keep up with the social networking world.  It is really hard to do.  But since G is the main search engine, I think you have to go with G+ whether you like it or not.  And we as small business folks do need more than one admin person.

  • With Google bringing in more changes in its search algorithm to include effect of social signals and on the other hand trying to supress FB and twitter. But the fact remains that it is still not getting the kick start that google wants. we can expect Google to push it more aggressively until it fails like Buzz or become a success.

  • Pages can’t
    add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned.

    Can pages
    add another page in it’s circle?

  • iki bhai

    just go to your g+page and than there will be the arrow beside your page display picture click there and than click on managers and than put the email adress of your administrator and add him/her

  • Jorge Cozzi

    Is there a way to let other users post into your page?