Most Engaging Facebook Posts for the Week of 11-25-2012

by Nick Cicero on Nov 26, 2012
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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all of us at Social Fresh! What a stuffed week of feasting and celebrating things we’re thankful for.

It really is quite an interesting week to be a marketer. When you start to think about all the opportunities for shared conversations and experiences, it is a time of year where people are guaranteed to congregate together and talk about anything under the sun. Facebook is providing the content for a lot of these discussions.

Between travel, food, and the lure of Black Friday, this week kicks off a chain of events that start the official holiday season for advertisers. Brands of all shapes and sizes (especially retail) are looking to capture the consumer’s attention.

Last week we looked at a number of brands doing a great job to break through the noise on Facebook, and this week we have three more posts to examine.

Social Fresh uses Expion to monitor the most engaging posts from the past week on Facebook. Out of all the big brands we monitor, we call out at least three Fresh Facebook Posts to feature here.

1. Macy’s

One of the quintessential Thanksgiving events is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The giant balloons parade throughout New York City featuring some of the most beloved characters from today and yesterday.

Macy’s took advantage of this “real-world” event and brought it to their digital fans across the globe. By bringing the floats to Facebook, they (and Macy’s Facebook community) could participate and discuss their favorite  balloons in real-time.

2. WalMart

For a large and diverse brand like WalMart with a giant Facebook audience, there are a lot of things you could use as fuel to creating great content online. To get people engaging with those stories however, there needs to be some call to action.

WalMart has presented a simple poll pitting Pumpkin Pie vs Apple Pie. By offering fans a simple question with a simple method of answering (sharing or liking) they’re stripping any obstacles in the way of creating a larger conversation about Thanksgiving. By creating these insane number of fan actions, they’re also looking to create the most News Feed-friendly post as possible to increase its visibility.

One last note, this is a really nice looking graphic. Sometimes a disrupting graphic is all you need to get your message across, and anyone who sees this knows they can go to WalMart and get some pie…and who doesn’t love pie?

3. Toys “R” Us

It wouldn’t be the Thanksgiving season without Black Friday.

From the days and weeks leading up, retailers take turns teasing their specials, and this year Toys “R” Us offered Facebook fans the ability to check out their ad right on the site thanks to a Facebook Application.

The explicit ad copy here might turn off social media purists, but looking objectively it’s important to note that Facebook is a very valuable display space.

Just as colorful, catchy headlines and call-outs have worked to accent specials in newspaper or other traditional display ads, they work on Facebook too.

As you can see from the examples above, social media offers brands the ability to be diverse in their messaging.

If you want to drive awareness of sales, you can do that. If you want to take a more emotional soft-sell, you can build holiday-themed promotions that only subtly state the brand and tap into the nostalgic spirit that provides the fuel for the magic of the holiday season.

No matter what strategy you choose this holiday season Facebook, remember that the best content is engaging, arresting, and valuable to the audience. 

Data provided by Expion, a social software company. Expion provides scalable enterprise-grade software to listen, content plan, publish, moderate, analyze, govern and share content on Facebook and other social channels across thousands of users.

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