Facebook Dwarfs All Other Social Activity Combined

by Jason Keath on Sep 29, 2011
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I came across two graphs in the past couple weeks that show just how badly Facebook is dominating social networking and the web as a whole. We know Facebook is winning, but just how badly?

The first graph below illustrates not only the downfall of Myspace and the rise of Facebook. But it also shows how inconsequential all other social networks are when it comes to time on site.

We often look at active users. Facebook is now at 800 million, creeping toward the magical 1 billion mark. While LinkedIn (120 million) and Twitter (200 million) grow slowly in the Facebook shadow. Note, the only real Facebook competitor in user numbers seems to be their Chinese rival Qzone with 450 million+ users and rapidly growing.

But when you look at time on site. That is when Facebook really dominates…

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/time-on-facebook-2011-9

And not just other social networks, but ALL other websites period. The graph below shows this well. The time suck that is Tumblr can’t even make a dent in the amount of time we spend on Facebook.

Minutes Per Month Spent Online 

  • Facebook (53.5 billion)
  • Yahoo (17.2 billion)
  • Google (12.5 billion)
  • YouTube (9.1 billion)
  • Blogger (724 million)
  • Tumblr (624 million)
  • Twitter (565 million)

Source: http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/social/

Are you spending all your time on Facebook? Are your customers?


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  • That is an interesting stat, but I believe it may be somewhat misleading at first glance. It is clear that Facebook rules the social media world right now. However, the above stat doesn’t seem to take into account mobile use and the use of third party apps such at Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.  I spend significantly more time using Twitter than Facebook, but very little of that time is spent on Twitter.com.  

  • Jeff, keep in mind that Twitter power users are still a very very small percentage of the Twitter audience as a whole. 60% of Twitter activity is on Twitter.com. I don’t think the minutes from us Twitter addicts would still make much of a difference. And if you add in Facebook mobile time, I worry the graph would get even worse, with Facebook dominating more. 

  • Do they count the *hours* spent gaming on Facebook Games?  It takes huge chunks of time (I’m terribly sorry to say with the voice of experience.), and true, you play with “neighbors”, but I hardly consider that using a social network.  The time spent clicking endlessly on little plots of farm land or finding hidden pictures or lining up gems should be lumped into a “games” category and extracted from the general Facebook time. 

  • How about revenue and profit? For $GOOG and $AMZN we can get hard numbers. What about Facebook? How much actual business value are all those eyeball-hours creating? Is Facebook even cash-flow positive?

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  • james

    I don’t think the minutes from us Twitter addicts would still make much of a difference.subjex

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