Facebook video continues to dominate

by Jason Yarby on Aug 05, 2015
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Social Toolkt podcast episode 38

Every month or so we like to do a hosts only show on the Social Toolkit to catch you up on the news and trends of the industry.

In this hosts only episode, Keath and Yarby discus today’s social trends, including Facebook video, updates to Facebook CPC, and Facebook Shopping on Pages. Plus recent Twitter news, Snapchat, Vine, and Meerkat updates, Pinterest pins, Slideshare leadgen ads, and customer service in social media.

Social Toolkit 38: Social Trends: Facebook Video, with Jason Keath and Jason Yarborough. Check out the full podcast below or download it on Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud to listen later.

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Show Notes:

  • App of the Week: Beme, a new video-streaming app, aimed at frequent live-streamers and/or snapchatters, that aims to redefine the way people express themselves on their phones. Cool technology
  • Facebook: Quietly testing a “watch later” button on desktop.
  • Facebook: Dark videos or “secret videos” now allow you to upload videos and control who can see them, where they can be embedded, etc.
  • Facebook: CPC – Facebook Updates How Cost per Click Is Measured
  • Facebook: Video measurement changes, now charged after an ad is viewed for 10 seconds.
  • Facebook: Video ads to test out commercial breaks
  • Twitter: Removing background images from timelines
  • Twitter: Deleting stolen jokes on copyright grounds
  • Vine: Twitter files trademark for term “Viners”
  • Snapchat: Big changes to how we view snaps
  • Meerkat: ‘Cameo’ now allows viewers to take over their stream for up to sixty seconds
  • Meerkat: There’s now a Meerkat wordpress plugin to allow embedding of your stream on your site.
  • Pinterest: Buyable Pins coming to board near you
  • Linkedin: Launching new Slideshare leadgen ads
  • Rant: Social Media and Customer Service
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