10 Awesome Examples Of How To Use Facebook Timelines

by Jason Keath on Mar 27, 2012
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Facebook TimelineFacebook Timeline rolls out to all pages this week.

We already put together some great Facebook Timeline cover examples from early adopter brands. But, beyond the cover, a big part of the change is a new opportunity to extend the story of a brand page through postdated status updates.

The ability to post photos, video, featured content and Milestones, throughout the history of a brand, allows for a lot of personality and creativity to shine through.

The standard implementation of this is to post photos and important moments in the history of your business. Coca-cola, Ford, and Toyota are all good examples of this.

But there is a lot of room to do more. Let’s look a little closer as how some of the Timeline early adopters are using their new Facebook pages creatively.

1. Sportscenter Champions

Sportscenter has some great photos of the show’s original broadcasts and sets. But it also includes Timeline Milestones for every major sports champion in the United States, since the network was created. From the Pirates winning the Word Series in 1979 to the Giants Super Bowl win this past February 2012.

2. Humane Society Legislation

The Humane Society is using the Timeline Milestone feature to highlight some of the important legislation that has been passed in the United States, to help protect animals. Their Facebook Timeline features great photos of animals, and other efforts of the organization, but these important dates are a big part of the organizations’ goals, to make real change.

3. Red Bull Scavenger Hunt

Red Bull made sure they had the first contest on a Facebook Timeline right out of the gate. And boy was it a doozy. They used a pinned post to launch a scavenger hunt, that sent the most dedicated of their fans searching back through several Timeline status updates, for clues.

I would wager, that 99% of the people did not make it past the first clue. It was that difficult. But for those that got through it all, the attention to detail and thought that went into this campaign, was impressive. Reminded me a lot of the fan activity around launch, and finding secret messages in that TV show, every week. See more about the details here.

4. People Magazine Celebrity History

People.com has featured their magazine covers, as they correspond with important celebrity news, over the years. They created Milestones that correspond to major moments from past covers of the magazines, like celebrity deaths and weddings.

5. Livestrong Branding

Livestrong uses a simple branded element of three yellow stripes, to pull together images in their cover, start date image, and various featured images, throughout their Timeline.

6. Old Spice Humor


Some pages list their history. But that is too simple for Old Spice. Instead they chose to be a little more, shall we say, lenient with the pesky hard details of history, and added their own flavor. For instance, did you know that the original creation of Old Spice involved a one-eyed Australian ninja leopard, and delayed the invention of the VCR, by 18 years?

See 10 of Old Spice’s creative takes on history, here.

7. Fanta Breaking Outside The Lines

Fanta uses the large featured images in the Timeline, by creatively stringing together four of their initial images, to mark the founding of the brand.

8. Journey with Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan embraces the character of the Captain himself and tells the story of the pirate’s history through photos. Captain Morgan also wins the prize for having the oldest start date that we can find, as the original Admiral Sir Henry Morgan was born in 1635.

9. Verizon Wireless Customers

Verizon is using their Timeline cover image creatively, by featuring fan photos that are taken on their phones. They are also using their Timeline Milestones to feature their customers growth numbers, through the years.

10. US Army History of America

The US Army’s history, is pretty much the history of America. From the campaign at Lexington, to US Presidents, and all the battles in between. The Army uses great historical images and unique facts about the armed services, to tell a story many are familiar with, in great detail.

Innovative? Maybe not by definition, but not many pages can list events back to 1775. Nor can many Facebook pages create a record of events, so relevant to a nation.

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  • Great examples from B2C companies, Jason. I especially like the way some have used visual elements to tie their pages together, and I love that Verizon Wireless is promoting their fans.

    Have you seen any outstanding B2B examples?

  • Becky,

    We don’t necessarily claim to be “outstanding,” but I think we’ve done a good job on our B2B site. (We help small businesses with free Constant Contact email/social media consulting.) You can see our site here: https://www.facebook.com/DudleyandNunez

  • Analisa

    I really like the variety of examples you show here – I have used these as examples in blog posts too, like Verizon, which does such a good job of showcasing both their Fans and their own products.

    It’s interesting how the new Timeline layout puts Page-generated content first, and posts by Fans get sent to a separate view. It allows Pages to do cool design stuff, like Fanta and Livestrong, but it might not seem as engaging to Fans…what do you think?

  • Wow, I love the timeline of Livestrong branding. That’s amazing :D

  • Some great examples here.. Been trying to tidy our profile up this week for http://www.denimgeek.com.  Will probably use at least two of these!  Cheers!

  • Honestly, the above examples, based on the big budgets those folks must have, are really kinda mediocre at best. Not being rude, or mean, just my observation. They look kinda amateurish.

  • I agree, there are a bunch of other small businesses that have been using Timeline since it became available, for instance I saw a friend take part of this SAUCEOFF contest by Planet Wings – https://www.facebook.com/planetwings – They used the highlight, cover, & milestones throughout the month to keep their fans engaged. It was also to run at the same time as the March Madness contest. Their last match is on Monday. Check it out.

  • I like how Verizon is showcasing their fans photos and their camera phones.

    Red Bull’s scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to create engagement with the brand and to get their fans involved.