Facebook Launches Promoted Posts, Pay As Little As $5 For More Fans To See Page Content

by Lauren K. Gray on May 23, 2012
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Facebook Promoted PostFacebook’s Promoted posts are live for some pages in the US, as of yesterday. And are rolling out to many more. Some are reporting that pages with fewer than 500 fans may not yet see the feature.

This means pages can now pay to “promote” a post from their Timeline so that it will reach a greater percentage of their fans on Facebook.

This feature has been reported on for the last month or so as being beta tested.

The starting price for promoting individual posts is $5.00 and the highest price $300.00. The promotion stretches across a 3 day period according to Facebook:

“When you promote a post, it will be shown in the news feeds of more of the people who like your Page than you would reach normally. Friends of the people who have interacted with your post will also be more likely to see the story in their news feeds for up to 3 days from when the post was first created.”

What are you paying for?

The price range is reported from $5 to $300 options. The Social Fresh page (~13k fans) sees the below options from $5 to $75. The number of fans you can reach at each level varies according to your page and fan count.

What about people who already like my page?

Nothing has actually changed for people who already like your page or how posts from your page are shared with them.

All promoted posts will appear in the news feeds of the people who already like your page and if they interact with your promoted post it will be also be seen by their friends.

With these posts, they will be labeled “sponsored” posts in the news feed, but instead of ads in the column on Facebook, your promoted post will actually be in the news feed and in mobile news feeds… BONUS.

How to use promoted posts on Facebook:

  • To activate the feature, you must do so by creating a new status
  • Click on promote at the bottom of the status form

  • Select the price and number of fans for the post to be promoted to.
  • Click save, post and over the next 3 days the post will be promoted to a larger section of your Facebook fans

After you successfully promote a new status, other recent status updates will have a “promote” link on the bottom right.

Metrics: Measure the Success

You can also see the effectiveness of the promoted ad in real time stats listed under the ad that include:

  • Activity: The number of times your page was tagged in photos by other people on Facebook

Reach: The percentage of fans who saw your post

Uniques: The number of people that saw the post via organic, viral, and paid.

Metrics Summary: Includes exact number of fans that saw your ad because of promotion, budget spent, total budget, end date, and the activity generated — including post likes, tab views, comments, and page likes.

You can stop the promotion at any time you chose. It’s very simple to do under the Ad Manager section on Facebook.

Facebook provides full ad analytics including optimized CPM equivalent, reach, clicks, actions, and more for all promoted posts. They are listed in the ads manager like any other ad.

What types of posts should you promote?

Facebook has actually covered this in their help section already (as reported to Bonfire) and suggests the following:

  • Vibrant photos and videos
  • Offers (still in beta)
  • Exclusive events or news
  • Questions

Where will these ads be seen?

The new promoted posts will be in your regular news feed and in mobile news feed, which we all know is important since brands have been testing mobile ads more and more.

With these new types of posts, Facebook ads are completely changing and allowing marketers to really put their message out there for a price. This could become a powerful tool to reach more people who like your brand.

The other question is, of course, if everyone starts paying to promote their posts, will organic page updates see lower and lower results as the newsfeed gets more crowded with paid posts?

Post Author

Lauren is a senior PR/marketing student at Western Carolina University and the incoming PRSSA National President for the 2012-13 year. She is a consumer intern at Trevelino Keller Communications Group in Atlanta....

  • Really a great launched by facebook but I think it will not work more and it will be promoted more if they would have done it free, that’s why that would be worked more rather than placing in term of price.

  • Nightmaircreative

    its available in Canada as of yesterday morning as well. I can honestly say that if I see promoted posts from bands I follow I will unfollow them on the spot. I think I will for businesses too :p 

  • So I assume you do not buy any products from businesses that advertise on TV, in magazine, newspapers, billboards, and radio?

  • If marketers are working hard to get to the top of the news feed via EdgeRank “best practices” — I wonder if it will be all for naught with these new ads fighting for space.

  • It appears to be linked to the “user” rather than the Fan Page, though. As one of my admins can post a promoted status, but I cannot on the same Fan Page. 

  • This just looks like Facebook is trying to nickel and dime their users. We have moved from sending updates to all your fans for free to engaging a mystical edgerank algorithm and now simply paying FB for your fans to see your updates. I haven’t yet used this system or explored it in further depth but my initial reaction leaves me with a bad taste. 

  • Good question . . . I share the same concern

  • Be aware, if you’re using your combined Fan/Personal page (with the “public default option) there is no option to “promote.”

  • Just like sponsored stories, but way easier and way more expensive. Why pay for organic, too?

  • Joe Quartarone

    Internet = Freedom.

    Jason, Of course people buy products that are advertised on TV or Radio or in Print, however we both know those are push methods of advertising….basically NOT social at all, and those media are dying.  Wouldn’t you agree, that “social” is all about the free sharing of ideas…what we like or don’t like, what businesses treated us well or those that didn’t, sharing our photos, thoughts, preferences…basically connecting with who and what businesses we want to. Those concepts make Facebook and other social networks popular. The concept of “Pay Per Post” is not much different than PPC ads, which I believe have run its course. From from my experience of spending my own money on PPC for 10 years, these ads are not nearly ad effective as 10 years ago.

    We have seen dictatorships crumble recently because of the free sharing of ideas. People are tired and disgusted with being forced to listen or do things, and excited to be free from tyranny from governments and companies forcing their messages.

    – Joe http://www.baycolonywinecellars.com

  • Nothing is free. TV requires you pay for a channel (HBO) or watch ads. Facebook also requires you watch ads. In their own way. It is not going away. And considering promoted posts are for companies you have LIKED, you can turn these ads off at any time. So I see nothing wrong with this.

    I would not agree that social is about the FREE sharing of ideas. I would say social media is about the sharing of ideas. It costs us time and money to create, find and share these ideas. It cost companies to create the networks and tools that facilitate all these amazing opportunities. And they will not exist without a revenue model. Facebook has found one of the least intrusive most relavent models yet, and I think it continues to improve. 

    TV is not dying. Changing maybe but not dying. Magazines are seeing a surge again. Radio had a great last couple of years. These media channels evolve, their advertising evolves. And we keep watching, consuming, participating. TV increasingly incorporates feedback channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, iReport, Instagram, etc. And none of those feedback channels will exist for very long without ads. 

    If you are voting for no “pay to play” then you are voting for no media, no entertainment, no news, no sports, and no Facebook.

    I would add that “forcing” you to see an ad on Facebook has zero parallel to anything anyone in Egypt was forced to do under that dictatorship. 

  • Very interesting. I wonder if that is because they were originally building this feature for the user (personal profile) side to launch first? That is where all the rumors were. 

  • Because Facebook will make you. Slowly but surely.

  • If it is a personal profile, you cannot use promoted posts period. Yet.

  • It is inevitable that organic will become tougher to see results from. This is a major flaw in the system. Something Twitter has been very careful to avoid (and yet their revenue is low) and Facebook is skating closer to the edge of (as they have to now with demands for higher revenue being a public company).

  • Well, prepare yourself, because this is one small step in the ongoing saga of the newsfeed becoming paid. If they go too far, they will lose users. If they do not test the boundaries, they company will fail because of no revenue. They need to test things like this to see what works.

  • If Facebook is not seen as good value to businesses, then they will stop marketing via Facebook.  Facebook is looking for a model that works for the brands with millions of dollars of ad budgets. 
    They also need to find a way to make money off celebrities who have built millions of fans and have had no need to pay Facebook for ads.  This will give those with large fan bases an easy way to reach a higher percentage of their fans at a relatively low fee. 

    It will probably further squeeze most small businesses out of Facebook marketing. 

  • Just had another thought.  50% of users access facebook via mobile.  This is a way for them to monetize the mobile users news feed which is a necessity for Facebook to reach its full business potential. 

  • Yup, that is definitely a part of it, a big part. Doing a Q&A webinar with @JustinKistner next week to discuss a lot of these details. 

  •  If you pay for organic, it no longer is… This will certainly shake things up for the smaller businesses who are actively using Facebook to engage with their fan base. The bigger brands will just pony up the money.

  • uglymugagency

    So long story short, you are paying more for posts to be more “sticky” at the top of fan’s pages. Big woop. This is not a new technology.

  • It has nothing to do with posts on fan pages, it is for the newsfeed.

    It is a slightly big deal, you know, 5-10 billion dollars a year spent on middle of the funnel engagement by small and big businesses alike.

  • uglymugagency

    While I’m all for helping businesses connect with customers, since day one of using facebook ads, I have always found them to be more of a waste of client money since the CTRs are ridiculously small.

    Now as for the newsfeed, I think its just semantics that we are splitting hairs over. 

    OK so Facebook has made it so you can create posts to promote various whatevers, and based on what I am reading here, they remain “sticky” (i.e. stay posted higher up on the fans newsfeed as long as you pay). And if the fan/friend interacts with the post it gets broadcasts to their friends’ newsfeeds.

    Again other than it being more annoying to constantly see the top of your newsfeed loading up with what are essentially ads, how is this going to change the game on Facebook? If anything, it tells me that this technique will have a short lifespan. Sure users will have that initial interaction and advertisers will see a bump in “likes” and with a great amount of luck maybe even sales, but within a few months this tactic will lose its effectiveness and FB users will view it with the same blase’ distaste that the hold for the right ads columns.

    I had a long discussion with an economist friend about Facebook’s value for businesses. Eventually we both came to agree on a few things about Facebook:
    a) The FB IPO was a huge scam if FB never revises their long term business to earn money in some other way than advertising.
    b) Facebook spends more money per user than then earn in revenue.
    c) Facebook advertising is a waste for any business who doesn’t spend a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars, because the CTR are so low. Facebook knows this too. That’s why they keep lowering the cost.
    d) Conversely, Facebook Fan and Business pages do have merit. But unfortunately converting “likes” into sales is a process that most companies can’t grasp or see a profit ratio in the effort.

    So while this new Facebook service is being bandied about and touted as a mobile monetization savior, I tend to think that it is more of a temporary stop gap measure in a business that has yet to truly find its real money maker.

    I leave you with this to ponder:http://www.technologyreview.com/web/40437/#.T7v570pJM5U

  • Ok, a lot of points there. Let me address them one at a time. Sorry if my comments jump around a bit. 

    I’ve made plenty of money on Facebook ads. Plenty of companies have. Hence why their revenue continues to go up. And I have never spent more than a few thousand annually. 

    The IPO was not a scam. It was a stock that Facebook priced to get the most they could off the table to fund future innovation and growth. It may drop now, but their long term growth is anything but uncertain 3-5 years out. 
    Facebook’s revenue per user is growing much faster than their spend per user. And faster than Google did at the same point in their IPO.Facebook ad costs are rising not falling. In every country. Especially in the US. More advertisers = more competition = equals higher cost ads and more revenue for FB. Their growth is going to be in non-ad revenue and expanded ad revenue. They are serving 5% of the potential ad products they could spend in the long run. There will also be quite a bit of audience growth in Asia that will increase their revenue. And Mobile ads have seen no revenue to date. That will change drastically in the next 6 months.

    It is not about converting a like to a sale. Facebook is not a sales funnel, it is the middle of the sales funnel for many (MOF). Sometimes conversion as a goal makes sense, but Facebook is best at loyalty and creating stronger brand affinity. I would agree most businesses are bad at this, but even medium and small businesses are getting better at MOF marketing simply because they are seeing benefit from engagement in social. Facebook is seeing increasingly strong advertiser growth and new page signups.This promoted post option is not being sold as a savior. It will monetize mobile, but it is one of many ways they plan to do this. They continue to test ad products, and improve them. They keep what works and still build more options. 

    I am not saying Facebook is the end all be all of anything. It is one channel. It has a very mature ad product that gets better everyday. And it is really good at a few key things that are hard to do elsewhere on the web. It also has better access then any other ad product on the web when it comes to relevance and access to existing customers and fans. This is especially important for SMBs. I always advise businesses to invest in email marketing and usually blogging before they jump into Facebook, but mature marketers can definitely leverage Facebook for the next 3 years. After that, who knows. Facebook has thrived much longer than any predecessors in this space. They could continue to be an outlier, and innovate to stay relevant. Or they could Myspace out in 3 years. For now, there are no signs that they will fail anytime soon. 

  • And thus began the Promoted Posts arms race.

  • Allowing pages to pay to promote posts in order to boost their Reach is fine.  The problem is that Facebook also appears to have artificially capped the % of fans who see each post naturally.  In the past few days, the percentage of our fans who see our Page posts has fallen by almost two-thirds (from 40-45% down to 15%), with a corresponding drop in the likes/comments on each post.

    If this change is permanent, it’s essentially forcing page owners to pay for advertising twice: once to get people to become fans, and then again to get them to actually see the post!

    The other possibility is that the Edgerank score I spent the last year building up has been reset… which is almost as bad.

  • My fan page engagement on my (not-for-profilt) pages has dropped steadily from lively to virtually nothing since the implementation of the new Timeline.

    Now it’s clear this was the FB strategy all along. I agree with the comment about “nickel and diming users.” This is certainly the case.

    Essentially this means that FB pages have become a paid channel for reaching audiences. Fine for those who can afford to pay. Disaster for those who can’t.

    I’ve spent four years and (at the outset) several thousand dollars in advertising on FB to build the fan base (currently 32,000) of my page. All of that is now for not with this new development. I think it sucks.

    I’ve blogged about the decline in engagement here: http://amazingwomenrock.com/more-is-less-facebook-fan-engagement-part-3

    Goodbye Facebook. Hello Twitter, Pinterest and other new strategies for driving more traffic to my site http://amazingwomenrock.com/ :P

  • sahaguru

    Reaching many is an asset, it is more than an advertisement.

  • Interesting developments. I too noticed engagement drop since the timeline was rolled out, and now this. With organic losing relevance, is FaceBook becoming a “pay or leave” system? I hope not.

  • Buzzy

    I think this is a good option to offer business owners – It is a good way to promote your page.

    I disagree with the statement below – Current pages owners are already affected – NOT ALL of their fans see ALL of their posts. This is were I strongly object to what Facebook is doing. What about people who already like my page?Nothing has actually changed for people who already like your page or how posts from your page are shared with them.

  • Facebook Quote ” Free and always will be ”  I do not think this slogan holds any value anymore .

  • Though this practice started but day by day it is going to be a problem for the companies to have a metrics for ROI and even the more resource to monitor.FB itself sets a challenge for its existence over the web.

    Jitesh Navlani
    Website: http://www.equinoxlab.com

  • Facebook is obviously starting to fall apart like myspace.. I see in the next few months that everyone will move to twitter or google+

  • yes but why would I pay? It was free when I started? They have already started to limit how many of my current fans can see my newsfeed?! Why would I pay something that was for free? I do not see any smaller company paying to advertise  ? when we have other FREE social medias!

  • and then what is the point to this if, for example, everyone pays for the status to be visible? that means people that don’t pay will go unnoticed totally! The point of facebook paid status is to kill small companies who are not going to pay $5per status. Imagine how much that costs you at the end of the month?

  • that is true 

  • true and then smaller businesses will stop using facebook since they will go unnoticed due to the large companies spamming their statuses 

  • same here 

  • yet is a good word..

  • Facebook is not going anywhere. 

  • Nothing is free. And Facebook has always limited how many fans see updates. That has not changed greatly. This tool just takes existing ad products and makes them more accessible.

  • no facebook’s logo was “always free”  it has changed dramatically. I notice it by my current statuses and feedback. 
    Here is a good perspective on the new policy of facebook 

  • Yes,I believe it is. After this second stunt, first one with the stockmarket and now this where their are controlling your followers, I believe that many smaller businesses will leave or stop using facebook as the main social media. I know I will stop using it as a main way to communicate with my fans. 

  • Saidelfdili

    before Fb started this thing, i got many views and likes on my posts, when they started this (ugly thing), i get only few likes, i can see a dirty game playing on, it seems that Fb are limiting ppl who see the posts so that admins would pay!! it sounds so bad and i can see the failure of F coming soon, coz many admins are not using pages for bisines but only fun!! maybe it is time to see if there is any new strong challenger for this Hungry Fb! 

  • Solarbeelist

     We noticed the same dramatic shrinkage in reach at the time that Highlight was rolled out for our page (2 days ago, we estimate). Some of our posts are only seeing 2-4% reach now. They want $100 per post to reach just 70% of our fanbase.

  • Jamesconnol

     Wrong. We had post reach that went past 30% regularly, now we have only a rare few that make it past 20% — most are lower than 10% now.

  • I ran a promoted post campaign that ended this morning. They said they estimated they would reach 1,000 of my fans for $5. In actuality they reached 198 for that amount. Not even 20% of the fans they said they would. So how often do they think I will do that???

  • EL

     I have said the same. That’s okay I am sure the next best thing is in the works.

  • JDD

    Please sign the petition I started to Mark Z. asking him to change this and allow all fans of a Page to see that Page’s posts on their news feeds without the Page owner having to pay: http://tinyurl.com/FreeAllFBPagePosts. If enough people sign, he may do something to change it. He has responded favorably to petitions in the past.  Please sign and pass the word along to other Page owners you know.

  • There is no artificial cap on the number of fans you can reach. Some pages regularly reach 50% of their fans organically. It is hard but possible. Especially for smaller pages. 

    The issue is Facebook cannot force fans to see every post ever page published. For one it is impossible. And also, it would make for a less relevant experience on Facebook. Show all the content and people will not come back. Show only the best content and people have a good experience, and return over and over. 

  • Facebook used to be SO MUCH more viral, in terms of organic updates. You could actually reach all of your friends / fans with status updates. They should’ve been transparent with users much sooner. Now, if you don’t pay, it’s very difficult to get a worthwhile reach.

  • Thecession

    Nice SHitty Bands are finally getting rocked like they deserve 

  • Chris

    How do they have no revenue? They have adverts posted everywhere

  • Cpa1

    I think the author is cute !

  • I have a facebook fanpage with more than 4 million real fans, make me an offer and I will post for you. michaelschmuck74 @ yahoo.com

  • Not only as a small business owner does this make it more expensive to do what I used to do. Facebook has somehow made it near to impossible to FIND my page by simply searching which is costing me a load of customers :/

  • Zaib Malik

    hi lauren – i want to learn how to run a campaign of FB ads can you help me pls


    zaib Malik
    Skype : aurangzaibmalik

  • Tim

    But they’re not “fans”, they’re described as “friends”, which for most of us they are. To be asked to pay with every message you post is annoying, insulting, and symptomatic of a certain kind of desperation…

  • Katie

    Ok so I did it to see if it worked with a post but it tells people it has promoted the post. FAIL! How embarrassing. How do I remove it? The steps above don’t work because it isn’t an advert it’s a normal post. Help?

  • Which is the best offer to promote on Facebook, which converts well, and get high Returns on investment (ROI).


  • kathy byrnes

    I did it on one of my pages and got great results. I want to do it on another and the feature is not there. I only have 84 likes on that page. Any idea how to get that feature on my 84 likes pages from Facebook.

  • christopherrumbles

    I heard you have to have like 400 or 500 or something like that before you could pay for promoted posts.

  • ahmadtherev

    add me

  • ahmadtherev


  • As I recall, you need to have a certain number of fans before your ad is seen in their stream. And I believe it’s a lot, maybe 1000. For a dentist or other local business, that’s hard to achieve. Anyone know more?

  • I have 223 and have that option, even had it on a page with only 35. It’s just that until you get a lot (don’t know how many), it won’t show up in their stream. However, it was not available to me on my 223 count page until I created one on my 35 count page. Both are by the same owner. So evidently some setting was turned on the big page when I created an offer on the smaller one. I’m trying to figure that out.

  • nickicee

    I have a hyper-local business and I’ve tried paying for a few promoted updates and ever since I did, the number of people who see my non-promoted Facebook page updates has gone way down. I have nearly 700 fans (which is a lot for me) and I’m lucky if 40 see a non-promoted update, sometimes it is a low as 15. I’m not really understanding why I even maintain a Facebook page any more. I’ve been considering closing down my page because it is a lot of effort for very little return.

  • last I checked, when pages posted freely, I only got updates from pages I bothered to “like” – and I have the option to “hide posts” from certain pages. Sooooo…. if I don’t want to see posts from a company, I don’t have to like them. Problem solved. If I “like” a page, it’s because I want to see updates from them. This is all stupid.

  • Filippo Saggion

    i think it will be better to pay some others websites that offer you likes or dislikes youtube videos viewer etc etc…

  • Dr. Joseph Lennox

    the amount paid is supposed to be directly proportional to the number
    of people who see the posts, this is not what we see. For example, we
    promoted some articles for $5, receiving 5000+ “seen bys,” but only ~14
    link clicks. With others post, we promoted for $10, receiving 2000+
    “seen bys,” but ~38 link clicks. One would expect that paying twice as
    much to promote a post would lead to twice as many “seen bys,” however
    this repeatedly fails to happen. Instead, paying twice as much leads to
    half as many “seen bys” and twice as many clicks.

    Keep in mind, regardless of how much we
    pay, we’re supposed to receive a focused targeted audience based upon
    the friends of our members. Paying more to promote the same type of
    content shouldn’t lead to less “seen bys.”

    Currently with Facebook paid promotions, we’re seeing something completely new… and shocking.

  • I just used it again and again not noticing the small 7 dollar sign, not thinking I had any card on file with them… but I guess so because I just promoted all my stuff and it has been charged to a card I have never heard of, maybe they found my checking account number who knows, this is sheer nonsense.

  • How do I activate this? I have a page with the feature activated – but also a page without it?

  • That guy

    It’s amazing… For years they get us to pay to “get fans” with the “You can reach everyone with your message” Then as soon as everyone realizes you can buy fans for pennies instead of dollars through them,promoted posts appears. So now you can pay to reach the people you could supposedly reach by buying ads to get fans. So in other words pay twice to reach the same person. Thanks facebook. You aren’t just ripping off investors in the stock market you are ripping off your advertisers that got you there.

  • facebook for bands is crap …we should all go back to myspace …i found it brilliants back before ppl dumped it , it helped my band a hell of alot …now im sitting with 40.000 ppl on an account on myspace whom never use their profiles anymore ….what a waste

  • Is anyone else dealing with a LOT of what appear to be fake likes from Paid Facebook Posts? I’m getting a slew of likes from Egypt, etc. They seem to have nothing to do with my fans. I am concerned this may be a part of fake Facebook “liking.” My main concern is obviously that the promoted post is a waste of money.

  • Yes you can I have been using it on my personal profile for a while.

  • I don’t get it. If the people who already “like” my page will continue to see my posts normally, who are the people that will be reached by a sponsored post? If all the fans (people who “like” the page) are already seeing my posts, why does the text refers to a “greater percentage of fans” that will be reached by sponsored posts???

  • 6 months ago, this feature was not active for personal profiles. Now it is.

  • Jeff

    Only a small percentage of your fans/likers are seeing your posts normally. This is actually the problem.

  • Eva

    Hundreds of people used to view my posts, now I get 30 people (at most viewing each post) and I barely get any likes or comments like I used to. I’m no longer going to count on facebook to get my updates out there.

  • megaaram megaaram

    how can I hide that th post has been promoted? I don’t want it to be seen on the page

  • texasaaa

    Since I started using Promoted posts… I don’t get hardly any coverage unless I am paying. I could see the sharp drop off once I started to pay. Of course, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

  • Javier Tello

    hi if i using a promoted photo post on facebook and the people just click on the photo this click is reflected on my activity fanpage, does facebook has a bounce rate for external clicks from display outside facebook

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been trying to get Facebook to answer my question for over a month. Can you please help me? I am unable to get drop down when I click on Boost Post option. Before I use to get drop down from where I used to select the budget and promote the posts at my will. But now clicking on boost post asks me to use the page as myself and not as my brand and it takes to the Ads manager. There is no drop down option available Why? How can I fix it?

  • Im still waiting on my boost post to post. Its been half a day but the ad has not begun yet. I see where they charged a partial payment to my Amex but I don’t get what they are waiting for to start my ad!

  • So when he announced he was cutting the lot off in aid of Cancer Research UK, friends, family and work colleagues flocked to his fundraising webpage to pledge their support.

  • Soloamna

    yes, with 40 thousand fans. we recieved over 1000’s of likes. Now on a post sitting for an entire week 3~~~~!!!!! shit on FB

  • ZIgler

    1000’s used to view our post “on Children needing help” Now even paying…. we get xxxt I HATE FACEBOOK LIARS LIARS!!!

  • Facebook owned

    Absolutely Sarah. Damned FB. Shit to hell on them. These pages are for the peoples benefits. If the don’t want to see the post, they don’t need to like that page. So if they like the page, the can receive the post automatically, or until they turn of the post or hide them. What a cheating SCAMMING FRAUD IS FACEBOOK… GOD PLEASE TAKE THEM TO COURT!!!

  • Soloamna

    yes, with 40 thousand fans. we recieved over 1000’s of likes. Now on a post sitting for an entire week 3~~~~!!!!! shit on FB

  • Soloamna

    Your lucky you even got that~!!!

  • yes, with 40 thousand fans. we recieved over 1000’s of likes. Now on a post sitting for an entire week 3~~~~!!!!! sxit on FB

  • Facebook erases my post when I tell the truth

  • Facebook cheats, deceptive, bastards!!

  • rips off its people

  • Locks accounts

  • greed driven only


  • THey do not let me post

  • I agree!!!

  • The truth is spoken.. WELL SAID THAT GUY!!!

  • Ted Mason

    Facebook is controlling posts to make sure they can monetize all content. They are big brother and if Ms. Gray is so naive to jump up for joy with this program, she either is a fool or works for Facebook.