Facebook Fan Page Notifications By Email [HOW TO]

by David Wells on Jan 25, 2011

Hyper Alerts

UPDATE: Facebook has now implemented a similar feature, however, Hyper Alerts still seems to have more features and allows you to get alerts from pages that you do not admin.

Editor’s Note: One of the biggest challenges of managing a Facebook page for many businesses is not know when new comments are posted. Twitter, blogs, and many other tools allow for email alerts.

While Facebook offers one of the best social media marketing platforms, they have never been great about making that experience easy for businesses.

Thanks to a new tool and an awesome video walk through by our good friend David Wells and the cats over at Hubspot, we now have a solution to get Facebook fan page notifications. The below article was originally published by Hubspot. Thanks to them and David Wells for allowing us to republish.

One of the most requested features for Facebook fan pages is the ability to receive email notifications of fan activity.

A new service Hyper Alerts now does this for free.

  1. Go to Hyper Alerts
  2. Create your account
  3. Click on “add a new alert”
  4. Add in your Facebook fan page URL (eg. http://facebook.com/social.fresh)
  5. Decide how often you want updates (“as soon as possible option” is recommended)
  6. Wait for your first alerts

A sample email notification:

Now you are up and running and can interact with the people who are posting on your fan page without having to sit on Facebook refreshing the page!

This also give you the ability to keep an eye on competitors fan pages as pointed out by Eric Marshall on the Inbound Now Fan Page. How did I know this? Oh, Hyper Alerts told me. =)

Great work Hyper Alerts, Awesome stuff! Also, kudos to Mari Smith for the tip off on this!


Originally posted on Hubspot here: How to Get Facebook Fan Page Activity Alerts via Email by David Wells.

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