Facebook Allows Users To Sign Up for Page Notifications

by Adam Rosenberg on Nov 01, 2012
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It looks like Facebook has begun rolling out a new notifications option for pages.

This will allow fans to select whether or not they’d like to receive updates from the page and whether or not they’d like to see them in their news feed.

This feature has been available on personal pages for some time but this is the first time it’s been rolled out for brand pages.

On pages, this looks almost identical to the way it does on a personal profile.

Notifications setting for personal profiles have been available for some time.

(Not all pages have this feature yet, though it has been rolled out to several as of earlier this evening)

Why This Is Important

This is obviously a nice way to combat Facebook’s constant newsfeed delivery tweaks from the past few weeks. Though the burden of adding the page to a notifications list rests on the fans, pages can create unique images and instructions to show fans how to receive more of their updates.

When users click to receive notifications from a brand page, they’ll receive both a desktop notification (if on Facebook) and a mobile alert. This will be incredibly useful for calls-to-action and advocacy campaigns. Check out the image below detailing exactly how to set up notifications for a page. This type of image could also be used to instruct fans on how they can receive all page updates.

(Sample image a page has shared instructing fans on how they can add the page to their notifications list)

The irony in this of course is that because of Facebook’s delivery algorithm, the folks who are likely to see this post detailing how to be added to their news feeds were already seeing your content in their newsfeeds.

Doesn’t help for folks who haven’t been seeing it because of the tweak. Still, this is at least some level of control back in the hands of brands for content delivery so it will certainly be helpful.

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  • Great idea …. except the fact that this will drive people insane getting repeated notifications just to see the content. Let’s see how this works out for page owners. Not crossing my fingers.

  • For a brand that is doing deals, giveaways, etc – it may work. I know a lot of folks get the AmexSync tweets to their phone to make sure they can act on deals.

  • Guest

    I’ve been to a few pages now and looked for the notifications part but it isn’t there. I do however see “Show in Newsfeed” Is this something they are rolling out slowly? It’s a pain in the ass because you can’t see it on your own page because you’re an admin.

  • Yes, it’s starting to appear on more and more pages each day.

  • like your article, where are you on LinkedIn? not finding. TX< CD

  • Aviva B

    “Show in newsfeed” seems to be checked automatically for the pages that I’ve liked in the past (although “get notifications” is not). Is this true for everyone? And will it be true that it gets checked automatically now that this feature has rolled out?