Appleton Rum Facebook Ad Success, 20,000 New Fans [CASE STUDY]

by Jason Keath on Apr 26, 2012
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Appleton Estate Rum USA, and their agency The Archer Group, Facebook Ads to increase brand awareness and fan engagement by more than 100 percent.

This campaign ran from  September 6, 2011 to October 7, 2011 and focused on targeting spirits fans and football fans.

They used ads and a sweepstakes to increase page likes, fan engagement, and email opt-ins.

Goals of the Campaign

Appleton wanted to grow its Facebook audience for 3 main reasons:

  1. Build up the number of loyal brand champions through their email newsletter subscribers
  2. Increase awareness of brand in the US
  3. Increase fan interaction

Facebook Campaign Strategy

Appleton developed the  “Be a Better Host” campaign,  a Facebook page sweepstakes that ran for four weeks. A Facebook tab hosted football themed creative content and prizes. Content and prizes were updated weekly to encourage the frequency of fan interaction. Appleton then used Facebook Ads to generate traffic to the campaign. There targeting strategy included:

  • There was a focus on targeting fans that liked NFL teams
  • There was also an attempt to use targeting of related demographics and key interests
  • Each week 14 ad variants were used against these different audience segments
  • Ad performance was reviewed and optimized daily to take advantage of top performing ads

We asked Archer, the agency for Appleton, for a few more details about their targeting by interests and demographics.

“Our targeting strategy was two fold – users in our target age demographic who showed an interest in spirits or the NFL. For spirits, we targeted users who showed an interest in spirits in general like rum, vodka, scotch, bourbon, etc. and also users who are interested in specific premium liquor brands like Grey Goose, Patron, Macallan, etc. For targeting NFL fans, we targeted to specific teams or shows associated with the NFL like Monday Night Football, NFL Live, etc.” — Justin Silva, The Archer Group

Facebook Advertising Results

  • 40% increase in subscribers added to e-newsletter database
  • 6,700 sweepstakes entrants
  • 91% of clicks became connections
  • More than 20,000 new fans added within four weeks as a result of the ad campaign, a 285% increase
  • 115% increase in fan engagement per post

“Facebook has provided us with a place to not only spread awareness of the brand in a fun and exciting new way, but also has been a great tool to allow us to communicate back and forth with the Appleton Estate consumer.” — Greg Levine, Appleton Estate Rum

Kobrand Corporation is the exclusive U.S. importer of Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum. Appleton Estate has been creating the finest handcrafted rums in Jamaica’s lush Nassau Valley since 1749. The Archer Group is an award-winning digital marketing and technology agency, based in the Philadelphia area.

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