Facebook Admin Levels and Facebook Scheduled Posts Have Arrived

by Jason Keath on May 31, 2012

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Facebook PagesWhen the Facebook Timeline was first announced a couple months ago, one of the features that was teased, but not yet released, was the ability to have more precise control over page admin functionality.

Over at The Next Web, they have spotted this feature in the wild. Along with the ability to now schedule status updates for a later date and time.

Page admins can now assign specific roles to other admins at 5 different levels. Similar to how WordPress allows you to create different user levels from subscriber to contributor to editor — each with increasing access to the software — page admins can now restrict other admins to certain tactical tasks.

The Facebook admin roles are (in decreasing order of permissions access) Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insight Analyst.

Here is what the new Facebook admin roles screen looks like with each admin labeled now with a specific role and the descriptions of those roles.

Admin Roles Facebook Pages finally get administrator roles and scheduled posts

More and more social media marketing teams are represented by a mix of skill sets, company departments, agencies, and vendors. These permissions start to create a smarter way to manage growing Facebook teams.

Facebook Scheduled Posts

Facebook administrators will soon be able to set status updates to publish up to 6 months in the future. When you compose a new post, the scheduled post options will display when you click on the  small grey clock icon in the lower left corner.

Admins can set the future year, month, day, hour and minute that they would like a post to be scheduled for. And the “Post” button that usually publishes your status update will change to say “Schedule.”

schedule Facebook Pages finally get administrator roles and scheduled posts

Should 3rd Party Vendors Be Worried?

As The Next Web smartly points out, this feature set will definitely start to invade a little on third party Facebook API vendors, as many of them offer these as benefits for using their software. But most of them offer far richer features than this for admins and post scheduling, and have little to worry about.

The cost of doing business on top of Facebook as a platform is making sure you can innovate your features as fast as they do, or be left behind.


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