Does Your Content Mean Anything?

by Jason Keath on Jun 17, 2013
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Content marketing is the new happy, fuzzy, buzz word for digital marketing.

Here is a glimpse at the growth of the term ‘content marketing’ being searched for on Google over the past few years.

Content Marketing trending upward on Google

It is no where near social or SEO searches, but it is growing at a faster pace.

Content is not new mind you. But the term is giving new life to the concept of story telling to help sell stuff. To being useful to your customers. To building relationships with customers through long term value.

At our most recent social media conference in Tampa, Ted Rubin (@TedRubin) of CollectiveBias talked about content as your advertising.

Ted also made a bunch of attendees actually skip down the Social Fresh aisle as he opened his talk (well, they volunteered). But, I will let you watch that for yourself (see below).

In the clip of Ted’s talk below, he discusses the kind content that really matters — content that builds relationships and actually means something to your customers.

Ted is a great presenter and has more marketing experience than I will attempt to list here. This 3-minute clip is just a taste but definitely worth watching.

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And as a rare treat, we have put Ted’s full talk on Youtube for our readers to enjoy, over here.

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  • Daniel D’Alonzo

    Alas! Great content about the need for great content!

  • Skipping eh? Great analogy.

  • Ha. Yes, very meta. We try. Ted gets all the credit of course.

  • Yeah, I was like “are they really skipping down the aisle?” And they were, and it woke the room up. It was a cool analogy to open his talk.

  • Ted rocks. Definitely cool content, but his message is spot on, too.

  • Heaven Jelo

    Great post Jason, I really enjoyed reading it..

  • Nancy

    Marketing is more than half of the battle. I’ve learned to have everything aligned as much as possible. People don’t see content as important but if you content doesn’t relate then your site is pretty much a waste of time. Keywords and phrases help.

  • regan

    Content may be King, however providing interactivity may trump the King. Encouraging guests, attendees, and patrons to pull out their smart phone and interact with content at the Point of Influence hits the product at the highest moment of emotional impact to all their ‘socialites’ via social media. What would a company pay for a 2% conversion rate on this individual’s shout out of the event? Multiplied by the number of those who interact, DUE to the content. Connect – interact – reward!

  • Jason why on the earth should we submit our personal phone numbers to you? Make it optional. Anyway I did submited everything but then I got a page not found. I tried at least 4-5 times. But no use. I would be happy if you could e-mail me your e-book on social link building. Thanks.))

  • That ebook is from HubSpot. You clicked over to their site. You would need to contact them for any support issues.

  • OK thanks )

  • LocalSearchHQ

    Content is the key to success. It is the content that plays a crucial role in building website traffic, getting ranks and also helping company to get clients.

    Thanks alot for sharing the video as well.

  • Lisa

    Enjoyed this video! Good reminder that building relationships and sharing stories – doing that which is meaningful to others is the best way to market your businsess!

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