Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research, sole provider of U.S. National Election exit polling data for all major news networks. Principal author, “Twitter Usage In America,” “The Social Habit,” and “The Podcast Consumer Revealed” research reports, and co-author of the Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Research Series.

Pyrrhonist. Media Tracker. Innumeracy Stomper. Exit Pollster. Frequent Flier. Dad.

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  • Podcasting Growth

    Podcasting Crosses The Chasm

    Last week at Blogworld, I presented some new research on the state of podcasting in the U.S.. While social media adoption has far outstripped podcast usage, podcasting has continued its steady growth relatively unabated, and...

  • Social Media

    How Do You Define "Social Media?"

    Jason Keath asked an intriguing question a few days ago on the Social Fresh Facebook page: “If you were allowed to go back in time and rename “social media” — What would you call it?” While...

  • Survey Us

    6 Steps To A Successful Social Media Survey

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how to vet the deluge of social media surveys and studies you encounter every day for accuracy, representativeness and credibility. You now know the difference between saying...

  • stats1

    The Due Diligence of Sharing Social Media Facts

    I’m going to make a bet: at some point today, you ran across some new study, survey or research report about social media. If you spent any time browsing your feeds, grazing tweets or even...

  • like-facebook-thumb

    Why Facebook's "Like" Button Is A Gateway Drug

    Recently I’ve had a number of my traditional media clients ask me for advice about integrating Facebook’s “Like” button into their site. Their most common questions are good ones: What is the difference between “Like”...