Spike Jones

Twitter curmudgeon. Word of Mouth believer. Co-author of Brains on Fire (book). SVP Customer Experience & Word of Mouth at Fleishman-Hillard.

Spike’s background includes business development and contributing strategic development – from insight to creative execution – of word of mouth movements and social media for companies including: USAA, AT&T, General Motors, Chevrolet, BMW, Dagger Kayaks, Fiskars Brands Rage Against the Haze (South Carolina’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement) and Best Buy.

4 articles posted

  • Social media numbers

    The Real Numbers Of Social Media [VIDEO]

    Oreo recently attempted to get the most Facebook likes on one Facebook status update to set a previously untracked Guiness World Record. Their marketing attempt was thwarted by Lil Wayne who threw found out about...

  • Passion Beats Influence [VIDEO]

    Commentary and analysis from Spike Jones, challenging you to “get real” and slice through the noise of social media marketing. Episode 2: Klout, Influence, #Winning and Passion ...