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  • Direct2Dell Dell Corporate Blog

    Brands Could Be The Next Target of Fake News in 2017

    This past presidential election saw a major outbreak of fake news. Buzzfeed News analyzed the final three months of the US presidential election and discovered that fake, clickbait-y headlines were more likely to hook visitors more frequently than headlines...

  • marketing-pros-best-tips-2014

    14 Top Marketing Pros Give Their Best Tip For 2014

    At Firebrand Group, where I work, we consistently meet with prospects and clients ultimately interested in one thing: marketing success. While we focus on powering marketing success day in and day out, I thought it might...

  • social-media-predicitions-2013

    We Will See Fewer “Head of Social Media” Roles in 2013

    Social Fresh 2013 Social Media Predictions: 7/10 Want to be Head of Social Media for a brand you admire? Sorry. As time passes, that’s going to be increasingly unlikely to happen. Why’s that? Simple: In 2013, organizations will shift away...