As the CEO and founder of Social Fresh, Jason is the lead analyst and consultant for all Social Fresh brand clients. Jason has 15+ years of experience as a marketing leader and focuses on how to help brands be more creative with their social media. Jason is regularly featured as a keynote speaker on social media and is regularly quoted as a social media expert by the NY Times, MSNBC, USA Today, and more.

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  • new-social-media-tools-2013

    The Top 10 New Social Tools from 2013

    Our top social media tools for 2013 are more advanced than in past years. From social ads to analytics to deeper integrations and API options. If you want a more intelligent social media toolset, the tools...

  • top social media acquisitions 2013

    The Top 17 Social Media Acquisitions of 2013

    Another year, another several dozen social media acquisitions. How exciting! Twitter lead the way this year with 7 social media acquisitions. Plus they had that little IPO that really put Facebook’s debacle to shame. Yahoo was also...

  • Teenagers on Facebook

    Do you have confidence in Facebook?

    The below infographic, from, takes a look at Facebook from the investor’s perspective. I know a lot of marketers that do indeed own a few shares of Facebook stock. But even if you don’t own...

  • Top Viral Videos 2013

    The Top 11 Branded Viral Videos of 2013

    Last year we pulled together the top branded viral videos from 2012. Be warned. This year’s top videos will play on every emotional heartstring you have. From soap to burritos to soda to jets. Branded “viral” videos are becoming a...

  • Big Social Media Career Moves

    Top 43 Social Media Career Moves of 2013

    Things moves pretty fast with social media. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss all the career moves your colleagues made in the past year. A lot of smart...

  • twitter marketing

    5 Twitter Content Ideas For Your Holiday Marketing

    Twitter is sending business accounts emails with the 5 suggestions below. The suggestions are “holiday marketing” suggestions that promote some simple content ideas, promotes Vine, AMEX’s Small Business Saturday, and Twitter-exclusive sales. The main call to action...