Geoff Livingston is an author, public speaker and strategist who helps companies and nonprofits develop fantastic marketing programs. He brings people together, virtually and physically to build loyal networks for business, change and higher knowledge.

A former journalist, Livingston continues to write, and has authored three books. Most recently he co-authored Marketing in the Round, and wrote the social media primer Welcome to the Fifth Estate.

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  • social-trends-2014

    The 5 Must Have Social Trends of 2014

    The year is still young, but several social media marketing trends have taken root. Planning a social media marketing event requires spotting those trends as they bubble up. As the content planner behind this June’s Demand Success,...

  • 4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Will Die Without Integration

    One word: Convergence. Social media marketers need to harness media convergence and integrate direct and advertising to maximize the impact of their various communications, on and offline. Convergence has been brought about by the widespread adoption of mobile...