Don is a Professional Speaker, Social Media Consultant, and author of Twitter For Skeptics.

Don shows you how to use social media to connect with customers, generate leads,

and discover opportunities you never even knew existed!

Don is a former Editor of Sprout Insights, a regular contributor to social media

industry blogs, newspapers, and podcasts, and will soon be seen on TV as a social

media business mentor for the reality show, The Hardway.

A sought after international speaker, and award winning business blogger, Don

has worked with brands like Ford, Nissan, NASA, Wells Fargo, Raytheon Systems,

Foursquare, Visit Brazil, along with scores of small businesses and startups.

Don and his family are also life-long animal adopters and rescuers – and proud

members of the International Soi Dog Foundation.

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  • Zappos Just Ordered Me a Pizza

    In Social Media Marketing, there are two pervasive urban legends. One is that Twitter is only for people who like to tweet about their breakfast (I’ve proven that assumption wrong here). The other is that Zappos customer service is SO...