The 2013 Community Manager Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Jan 28, 2013

Community Manager Appreciation Day 2013We are in our 3rd year producing the Community Manager Report, an infographic and white paper we create each year based on a survey of community and social media managers.

This year was very interesting. With 3 years of data, we are starting to see some trends, all of which look like good news for social media professionals.

We were also psyched to see our data pool continue to grow larger this year, with over 1,000 surveys completed.

The white paper with a full report on the data we gathered will be published soon, but in honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, we wanted to published some of the key pieces of data today with our annual infographic.

Without revealing too much of what will be in the full white paper, there were 3 key trend lines that this years report will show.

1. Community Management is becoming a gender equal role

In 2011, 68% of those surveyed in the community manager role were women. Last year, 65% were women. And this year, 61% were women. The trend is clearly pointing to a gender balance within social media. In the white paper we will see if this balance applies to strategy, analysis, and director social media roles as well as taking a look to see if there is a salary disparity between genders.

2. The average salary of community managers continues to increase

The first year we surveyed we got back a salary range of $30k to plenty of folks making 6 figures. That range continues to hold true, even internationally. But the average salary has gone up from $49k to $51k to a larger jump this year (see this year’s salary average below).

3. The average age of community managers continues to increase

The rise in the average salary of community managers might have something to do with their age. Over the last three years, the community managers we surveyed increased in average age from 29 in 2011, to 30 in 2012, to 32 in 2013. If community manager becomes a more senior role it would make sense that pay would increase. But it is too early to say for sure.

Below is the 2013 Community Manager Report infographic. Please share it with your network, and Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day.

The 2013 Community Manager Report Infographic

Community Manager Report 2013


Check out last year’s infographic and compare. And the year before here.

What stats would you like us to explore more in the white paper?

Tell me in the comments.

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